Analysis of Running Room

Running room is doing quite well in the Canadian market. The idea of coming up with the retail outlet resulted from an analysis of the existing market. Not every market is perfect in its operations. Running room identified a market gap that many investors in this industry were not seeing. It went ahead and bridged the gap hence obtaining a favorable market share. It is of paramount importance that an organization understands what it is doing before the commencement of operations. This means that employees being deployed should also have a good understanding of what is going on. If they are not familiar with the field, a favorable training program should be established (Zikmund & Barry, 2010). Enhancing these aspects has enabled Running Room to provide quality shoes and services. On most occasions, consumers are not entirely intrigued by low prices in the market. Satisfaction of what they get becomes their major concern. As a result, Running Room will continue to generate favorable revenues if they continue with this business model.

The organization’s marketing mix is also favorable. Most of the necessary elements have been incorporated. Running Room has been able to divide its markets into two segments. These are the baby boomers and the people in their thirties. Many organizations in this market fail to consider the baby boomers in their marketing mix. Doing this would deny the organization massive earnings. Most people from the baby boomers generation are attaining the age of 60 years and above. At this point individuals are more concerned on their health and fitness aspects. They will spend a large some of many to ensure that they get the necessary resources and enhance their health status (Zikmund & Barry, 2010).

A knowledgeable working staff also proves important for this retail store. This is because consumers usually feel comfortable when they are dealing with a staff that has efficient knowledge regarding the products being sold. They can ask any question and get helpful feedbacks. Using advertising as a means of communication is also a good approach in the marketing perspective. Advertising reaches a huge number of people within a short period regardless of their geographical location.

However, the organization needs to find effective mechanisms in areas where smaller firms are doing better. It is not impossible to break consumer loyalty in any organization. Coming up with a favorable strategy would help in attaining this. A better approach to the USA market must be identified too. Using inappropriate entry strategies would lead to total market failure.


Among the recommendations is that Running Room should establish joint ventures in USA as an entry strategy. From a point of view, this industry is relatively competitive in the USA. The country is flooded with athletes hence many organizations dealing with these products have already set up stores. Joint ventures with existing companies in the market would help in gaining the desired knowledge of this market. It requires an individual to live in area for some time so they get the actual feeling of how things are. This will also act as a way of minimizing competition. A synergy effect will be created where the two organizations will work to combine their strengths (Zikmund & Barry, 2010). It becomes easier to identify weaknesses and work on them appropriately when bodies come together. This is because of different perceptions and skills possessed. Working in partnership is more productive than how people perceive it.

In the Canadian market, Running Room should try to expand its annual revenues by introducing some elements to their marketing mix. The organization could opt to provide limited edition products in the market. Limited edition products create some form of hype in the market of operation. Once these products have been exhausted, they are not seen again. As a result, every consumer wants to get his or her hands on the products (Zikmund & Barry, 2010). They also serve well for those people that like being unique from others. Not many people will have the chance of purchasing these products hence they feel special. This helps in creating loyalty from this group of consumers. The organization should also bring in more athlete products. A brand name has already being created and the organization is operating effectively. Marketing these other products would not be a problem. It would be a good opportunity for the organization to increase its revenues.

Dealing with competition from the local stores in Canada should be prioritized too. A mechanism of breaking consumer loyalty from these competitors should be integrated. Among the options is offering discounts to those consumers that have been with the organization for some time. Some arrangements should be made to help determine the effective way of doing it. The aspect prompts consumers to be loyal since they want to benefit from the long-term benefits. Not many competitors will have the ability of matching this because they are already operating at low prices. Doing this would be suicidal for their ventures. As a result, Running Room will gain from the prospect.

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