Analysis of Young Guru

With the evolution of audio engineering in today’s world, perseverance is an everyday task in the career. Indeed, the audio engineers are continually faced with challenges that must be solved amicably. Problem solving skills as well as perseverance are key pointers to the success of an audio manager in today’s dynamic world. Young Guru is one of the most successful audio engineers in today’s music industry as evidenced by his growing influence and popularity (Pollack, 2015). In addition to his success, the audio manager is always ready to share his acquired knowledge regarding problem solving techniques with other players in the industry. It is this supporting role of an audio engineer that sets Young Guru apart as a selfless and dedicated person who is able to persevere and rise through the challenges that face his role. This paper analyzes the challenges faced during the performance of audio engineering and how perseverance helps using the case study of Young Guru.

An audio engineer is constantly faced with the challenge of editing vocals and instruments to meet the expectations of the singer as well as make them sound perfect in the song. Further, the audio manager has the duty of conducting his job in a timely manner to keep the clients happy (HipHopDX, 2013). Young Guru is cognizant of this fact and is perfect in his execution of mixing the drums in a song. In fact, his ability to work with high profile rappers and still produce excellent music is testament to his prowess and perseverance. The professional is particularly effective in the solution of problems in the making of one particular hit record. The song is “Run This Town” which is performed by Jay-Z featuring Rihanna and Kanye West.

While the choice of drums in a song is considered as his signature style, it is a huge source of obstacles. The very source of his strength is a leading source of challenges which he is always ready to solve. For instance, finding the right balance in terms of where the sample sits with the drums is an area that Guru spends lots of time correcting. In making sure that the intended target is met in view of the right balance, the audio engineer separates the low, mid and high frequency bands to attain a perfect mix. In “Run This Town”, Young Guru went further to remove some high frequencies from the kick drum to achieve an excellent sound (Tingen, 2009). In addition, the song had too much hiss sound which he removed by adding an equalizer and cutting the highs from the drum. In the demonstrations above, Young Guru portrays his ability to persevere throughout the process to achieve desired results in audio engineering.

In the process of audio engineering, one is expected to work for long hours in a bid to meet deadlines which are sometimes unrealistic. This is a fact that Young Guru is well aware of having worked with leading stars including Jay-Z, Kanye West and Rihanna. The reality of the matter is that artists will want to produce their songs within certain deadlines giving the audio manager minimal time to work on the challenges. For instance, Young Guru attests to the fact that Jay-Z is always changing things making things really hectic for the audio engineer (HipHopDX, 2013). Perhaps this is occasioned by the fact that he is a renowned artist and will obviously find better verses as replacements for verses in songs. To avoid disappointments, Young Guru plans his time well in advance to match the time set for his delivery. In so doing, he has enough time to give the artist time to listen to the mix and give their comments before the songs release.

The perseverance levels seen in Young Guru as well as the problem solving techniques provide a learning process for other engineers and students. The beauty of Young Guru’s work is in the fact that he is ready and willing to share his knowledge thus aiding in the positive development of audio engineering industry (Pollack, 2015). In addition, the cases presented as well as the problems provide important insights for future audio engineers on what they should expect in their work. Most importantly, the fact that they are problem solvers dictates that they must be highly creative to come up with unique solutions to problems that arise. Ultimately, young Guru is the best audio engineer having attained success while working for top level artists such as Jay-Z and Rihanna. His perseverance levels in different songs by different artists provide an exemplary case of how an audio engineer should behave.



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