Analyzing Divorce

Response to Ryan Kovacs

Nice analysis Ryan, divorce is currently a normal phenomenon in our society today. It is common for parents to divorce and still live in the same house. Those who suffer are the children who cannot understand what is happening. The environment under which they are brought up changes with divorce.

A study done by Weaver & Schofield (2015) revealed that children living in divorced families have more behavioural problems than children do in intact families. The argument is that when parents divorce, the environment under which the children are brought up defines their behavior. Mostly, when the environment is not encouraging and stimulating the children end up having negative consequences because of the divorce.  I think Psychologists need to do more research on the behavioral problems that are more likely to be experienced by children in divorced families.  I think this would help in helping these children early enough.

It is not clear whether the behavioral problems still affects the children after they grow up. A blog post by Jann Gumbiner titled “Divorce hurts children, even grown ones” argues that even when grown up, the effects of divorce stills affect one (Gumbiner, 2011). Psychologists should study these effects can affects marriages of divorced children.

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Weaver, J. M., & Schofield, T. J. (2015). Mediation and moderation of divorce effects on children’s behavior problems. Journal of Family Psychology, 29(1), 39-48.


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