Analyzing a Video on Obesity

The video reviews the issue of obesity, and the effects it has on Americans. There is an assertion that a third of Americans are obese.  This has been attributed to the lifestyles that people have chosen to lead over the years. Consumption of fast foods is among the key contributors. These types of foods have a lot of fat and other undesirable contents that do not add-up to the desired diet. The people fond of taking fast food cite their habit on the fact that it is cheaper and more affordable for them. Eating healthy food with the desired levels of nutrients seems to be expensive. It is good if these people understood that fast food will most likely result to obesity, which brings a lot of complications to the affected people. Obesity is associated with various diseases including diabetes and hypertension among others.  In the video, there is an individual suffering from obesity, and he tries to showcase some of the difficulties he is experiencing as a result. He has gone to the extent of being denied insurance since most companies view him as a high risk individual when it comes to health.

Corporations involved with the preparation of fast foods are on the fore-front in making the issue progress further. The companies make a lot of profits hence have the ability to fight any litigations coming their way. Most of them are also involved in funding political campaigns with a significant amount of funds. As a result, the people elected to various offices have to extend them some favors more so when it comes to policies regarding their industry. This makes them untouchable. Due to this, there is a need to educate the masses on matters to do with eating habits. There should be more concentration on children since they lack relevant knowledge. They should be taught the advantages of eating healthy and small portions of food for that matter. Most of the food that people eat sometimes is just a waste since it is not required by the body. People should also get education on various ways of eliminating the food deserts that exist in the country.

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