Angry Birds online Video Games

Angry Birds online Video Games

Angry birds are a top-rated and straightforward video game that has swept across the world. The angry birds is a mobile game that is expanding at a high rate with its franchise expanding to cover areas such as cookbooks, board game, video games consoles, and toys. The app has broad applications, and this has led to its adoption in various functions such as to study consumer behavior to design a robust marketing strategy. Notably, the video game aims to get back stolen eggs from a pig, in this case, regarded as an enemy. Furthermore, the game seeks to kill the enemy pig after retrieving the stolen eggs. In the game, a player launches an attack of a pig by the slight use shot at creating wingless birds to moves through the air targeting the location of pigs’ houses to kill and destroy completely. The video game is designed such that once a player uses a certain number of birds to kill pigs and ultimately destroy their houses, they are allowed to pass to the next advanced level whereby a new group of pigs waits to be killed and structures to be damaged. Again as a player continues through more advanced stages, different types of birds with various features are launched such as explosives. Additional features in the game such as lots of updates, holiday promotions, more content captivate clients to the game.

Review/Analysis of case study

The section will cover more details about the adoption and use of the application across the globe. Statistics provided shows the rate of absorption and how consumers across the organizations utilize the app.  Furthermore, the section explores the appropriateness and applicability of the app in the market. The study examines the dynamics of organizational partnership, how it affects sales and performance and factors for the app to venture to foreign markets.


The Angry Birds Game as a Type of Innovation

Angry Birds as type of innovation has permeated the global market and is expanding exponentially.  For instance, in 2010 the app accounted for a whopping of $6.5 billion in sales globally. The app is a dynamically continuous innovation as financial and market analysts forecast that the market will expand by double-digit and by 2015 it’s estimated to be & 25 billion. Furthermore, at the moment there exist over 2 million apps in North America that produce the highest revenue. Notably, Asia has recorded the highest number of app downloads. Also, Angry Birds app is the most popular among the several apps that exist in the market. The app is so dynamic and popular that in just a single day it’s downloaded 1 million times and also played for over 200 minutes per day. Company executives have expressed optimism about the app saying that “Angry Birds is going to overtake Mickey Mouse and Morio.  Several factors have led to the success of the Angry Birds app namely;

The organization designed the Angry Birds app as simple and easy to use thus increasing the addictive power to its users.

The game is very unpredictable, and this feature lures the majority of consumers to utilize the app. Consumers like apps that provide new experiences and that cannot be predicted.

The app received a significant boost after celebrities endorsed it and also informed their fans to make use of the app to enjoy the attractive features. For example, celebrities like Anja Parson a Swedish Skier embraced the app entirely.

The app designer company has significantly invested in customer relationship management (CRM) whereby customers are engaged through various social media platforms. For instance, the Facebook fan page helps the management to know customer experience with the Angry Bird app.

Despite the enormous success steps made by the Angry Birds, it owes some its success to Apple Company whose platform is used during the initial stages to rise to popularity.

The Angry Birds continues to grow its franchise through partnering with other like-minded organizations to develop more advanced innovations.


Angry Birds as a “Fit” for Cause- Related Marketing

Cause-related marketing refers to a promotional activity that a firm whereby an organization utilizes a form of charity with its products or services. In other words, cause-related marketing is a channel through which corporate social responsibility is communicated to the vast audience to demonstrate how the larger society benefits. Furthermore abuse-related marketing is designed as a form of campaign in collaboration with a not-for-profit organization to guarantee community well.

According to four-related fit cause marketing as consumers had planned to introduce a new game to the app that tactic fully collaborates with a child who can steal. Angry Birds dealers help the new merchants, and this can potentially assist in causing new character brings specific different computer to the device. The firm that deals with four marketing-related causes in the Angry Birds company assist fight BirdLife International from becoming extinction. Rovio, the company that brings the safety issues of Angry Birds. In other words, Rovio helps bring awareness Birds extinction and in turn directs indoor players of the game to visit BirdLife  International, a scenario that promotes the company as several new users acquire about the program. On the other hand, the Birdlife international introduces a trivia question that finally reveals more secrets about the Angry Birds of users who visit the site.

The cause-related marketing of Rovio collaborating with BirdLife international has helped to boost the public image significantly.  The cause fits with Angry Birds in the sense that the Rovio firm deals with similar products BirdLife international. Again, the partnering becomes suitable and beneficial especially to a smaller firm when there exist the same products. Notably, the younger company enjoys and associates with the brand and public image the big firm enjoys.  Angry Birds and BirdLife international deals with consumer apps, and the cause-related impact partnership enables Angry Birds to become aware of bird extinction trivia issues via creating promotional games and encouraging players to visit BirdLife international website to access secrets on to move to the more advanced stages of the game. The site provides tactics on how to unlock the secrets of higher levels. Angry Birds benefits from the partnership because BirdLife as non-profit organization enjoys tremendous support and goodwill from the community due to the charity activities they bring through their cause-related marketing.

The Four Cause-Related Marketing Consumer Segments’ Responses Angry Birds

Marketing refers to the act of selling and promoting products or services produced by a company to the market. Furthermore, the concept of marketing is very wide ranging from procurement of raw materials finished to products. Marketing is conducted with the aims of persuading the general public to buy or utilize certain services to meet their needs.

The four cause-related marketing include

Purchase: Angry Birds partnership with BirdLife international is most likely to increase sales of the mobile game as public image boosted and customers likely to respond positively to the app.

Licensing:  Licensing is an essential aspect of the app, once the two entities partner licensing becomes easy as the Angry Birds enjoys the image of the BirdLife a non-profit organization.

Promotion message: Sale increase with a promotional message as consumers are made aware of the existence of a product.

Employee engagement: partnership will ensure voluntary, and utilization of the skilled workforce of the two organizations and end-users respond rapidly to a product actively promoted by workers.



Factors That App Designers Should Consider When Entering Into a Foreign Market

There exist full of elements that app designer should consider before venturing into the global market to ensure the business plan is dynamic to handle global market challenges form business success. In the contemporary digital world, it has become a necessity and prudent to aims global for increased revenue. Apps that are high in demand smoothly goes global if the designer puts in place the correct mechanism for the product to be available in the global platforms. Entrepreneurs of digital products have soared to online platforms to enjoy huge consumer base globally as an unlimited number of people can access information quickly. For example, the Apple App store currently has over 500,000 apps utilized globally with over several teams, and the apps are tailored to about 40 languages. Primarily a product should be sensitive with culture and taste and preference of the target end-users. Therefore the app should be localized to provide the users with great experience. The following are factors that the Angry Birds app should consider.


Economic Factors: Some countries may deter the entry of foreign firms through high taxes levied on foreign products. While other markets may prefer alternate products of what they manufacture and thus create conducive economic factors to allow entry of other products. Firms should consider the economic viability of their product in a foreign market.

Company capacity:  Before Angry Birds firm goes global it should assess its size and resources to determine the technology, competitive advantage, reliable partners, portfolio products and related parameters.

Mechanical factors:  The Angry Birds designer have the intention of localizing the app from the beginning to ensure content and the general layout is either universal or fits all cultural contexts. When designing the interface of the app the usability and features of the app should involve as many languages as possible and easy to follow instructions. When the designer starts designing the app with the global mindset it makes it easier to discover the app ultimately.

Turnaround Time: The designer of the Angry Birds app should do timing to ensure that the app is approved and availed in the market at the right time as required. Once the apps first app is recommended for global utilization it becomes easier to install various local versions of the app. Some firms experience problems to launch the app at a worldwide scale after approval because of lack of technical preparedness to venture into global markets.  The Angry Birds app management should get prepared for the international market.

Cultural acceptability:  Notably informational app may prove popular in once region and the game app also popular in another region. Again language difference brings a massive impact on the adoption of apps. For example, English designed app may not well be received in non-English countries.

Marketing to Children and the Ethical Concerns

Rovio should factor various ethical concerns in designing and marketing the Angry Birds app because one of the target groups is children. Some of the features that target children include Angry Birds Happy Meals, toys and generally the simplicity and cartoonish quality shown by the app. Again Rovio may deploy different strategies to advertise and attract children to the app, therefore marketing to children raise a couple of concern about the way and approach used to reach the naïve and innocent target.  Therefore children should be protected from negative marketing and focusing on children as the only consumers. In the digital era, the utilization of information and apps should havea ethics that guide the use and advertisement of content or material. All corporates should consider the consequences of their activities to the society rather than focusing on profit alone. Rovio should factor negative marketing whereby a firm concentrates on the positive and advantageous aspects of a product without mentioning the disadvantages associated with it. It’s prudent for a company to inform the audience of both the advantages and disadvantages of a product. The firm should also elaborate on why they target children and what is unique about children. The essence to avoid exploitation of children to make profits.

Rovio should be ready to accept the responsibility for their actions. Many corporations tend to focus on market share and increasing revenue. A responsible firm should accept the moral obligations towards children, and this helps to embrace mitigation measures. However, firms tend to ignore ethical concerns and instead prioritize on achieving their corporate objective. Angry Birds app might comprise of severe effects to the children as target consumers; thus ethical concerns are paramount.

Why Angry Birds is Appealing to an American Audience

Angry Birds has experienced ever-expanding popularity in America. Furthermore, the demand keeps on soaring to other parts of the globe. Notably, the Angry Birds is appealing to the American audience because of its features such as cookbooks, board games, consoles, and videogames. First, the game has an app logo, description and media are very easy for the user. Again the game has an attractive logo that matches the concept of people, game and registration are very easy.  The American audience prefers an app that factors monetization mechanics to optimize the app. For example, Angry Birds utilizes many monetization mechanisms to increase revenue and also support the development of the app. For instance, the creation of a virtual economy through in-game currency helps to maximize use.  Users can also upgrade, and this helps to accelerate faster than in other apps whereby improving once you stop. The app is popular in America because of discounts which increase purchase size, and it implies the more you spend, the lower the cost. Generally, the game is viral in the US since it’s a developed nation with highly sophisticated technology and the environment is conducive for the adoption of the game.




In conclusion, digital marketing has become one of the pillars of enterprises, and wit this regard online marketing is a core source of revenue for an organization. However, a variety of issues comes into play to make digital marketing success such as the design of the app, pricing, target audience, market, etc. Angry Birds app experience a sharp rise to global market due to a partnership with an established organization. Again careful study of market segment plays a critical role in business.