Annotated Bibliography on Australian Nursing Practices

Annotated Bibliography on Australian Nursing Practices

Arnold, E. C., & Boggs, K. U. (2019). Interpersonal Relationships E-Book: Professional Communication Skills for Nurses. Saunders.

In this article, Arnold and Boggs offer some techniques for effective interaction to improve communication skills. They lay communication strategies to adhere to better deliverance of the services from the nurses to the patients. Through their effort, communication skills based on professionalism has gained widespread recognition. Besides, they have helped the Australian healthcare centers in achieving their goals. Through interactive sessions and moments, both nurses and patients ought to know each in depth. By so doing, the patient’s fear in explaining his or her problem to the nurse is reduced by a considerable margin. The two authors aimed at improving the patients care and quality of the services to be administered to them. Also, nurses’ capabilities and professionalism are value-added.

Further, as the patients in the hospital are either children, adults, or elders, the article explains how one’s problems should be treated via effective communication. For instance, it outlines that children’s challenges on health should be assessed at a slow rate because their expressions on what is disturbing might be challenging; hence the requirement of further attention. In this, the level of communication is different from adults and elders as they know their problems better. According to the information expressed by the authors, various situations of patients regardless of their age has enabled nurses to have a unique approach from one patient to another. For example, patients having either chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart problems or other acute problems, their communication is different. These have encouraged them to show sympathy and readiness to help. The practices as mentioned earlier have enhanced evaluation of patients’ needs. Through this, the quality and safety of both participants have been improved. Besides, the percentage or the degree of caring about the welfare of the patients have risen by a considerable margin.

Scott, I. A., Hilmer, S. N., Reeve, E., Potter, K., Le Couteur, D., Rigby, D. & Jansen, J. (2015). Reducing inappropriate polypharmacy: the process of deprescribing. JAMA internal medicine175(5), 827-834.

This article provides insights on how old patients and those with disabilities and having one or two chronic diseases should be treated together with their mode of handling. Their main concern that is the authors is to give a proper description when medicines are issued to the patients. Besides, the article has background backing from a theoretical and practical perspective. This is because there contain ways in which the health problems are adequately attended by the nurses. Here, nurses are guided on what to do depending on the present situation of the patient. For instance, it is upon the nurse to get ascertained on patient’s type of drug required, reason(s) for taking, and the amount to be made during the mornings, lunchtime, and evenings. Besides, the nurses or the attending clinical officers should be aware of the overall risks associated with the drug to be or being administered to the patient.

Furthermore, under this article, nurses are given an opportunity to access and assess the available drugs on either their present or future advantages in comparison with their adverse effects if they are taken. Also, a room is for improvement is guaranteed by these authors in their article to the officiating clinicians in the following ways; they are given freedom of implementing discontinuation regimen in connection with monitoring patient’s improvements in terms of results and even onsets of negative impacts. Second, they are to prioritize on the drug(s) especially the discontinuation ones and believed to have no or minimal adverse effects. Through the above practices, reduction of polypharmacy is enhanced. In addition, patient’s health problems are well dealt with by the experts thereby improving on their safety and prolong their life expectancy. It is via the NSQHS the above practices have been effective thus laying improvement on the clinical nurse practices.


Wallace, E., Salisbury, C., Guthrie, B., Lewis, C., Fahey, T., & Smith, S. M. (2015). Managing patients with multimorbidity in primary care. BMJ, 350, h176.

The authors above express their views on how patients with one or more chronic diseases should be primarily managed. This article gives insights on patients whose problems are one and above. This came after the realization that some patient’s quality of life is decreasing rapidly due to the presence of multimorbidity diseases. This has seen others lose their precious life while others are were taken to intensive care units. In this regard, the authors’ research focuses on enlightening nurses in various ways through which patients being affected, for instance, by high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease are well treated and managed expectedly. The authors provide strong theoretical support towards caring of patients by administering proper medication and management of the sickness they are suffering. In particular, this article has improved the services given to multimorbidity patients because how they have been receiving their treatment has changed from right to best.

The practices laid down by the above authors have improved the quality of services delivered together with the safety of patients as their life has been prolonged. It is through the authors also where the nurses have nurtured their professionalism in the expected ways. Besides, the patients have known how the nurses should manage them. Well-outlined management practices have aided this. As a chosen standard nationally, it has positively impacted the quality and safety of various Australian health centers. The impacts posed have increased the awareness to the nurses, patients, and non-patients on how the treating criteria have improved under the governing body, NSQHS. In addition, the managing approaches found in this article are of great significance to the nurses as their practices have been made accessible via adjustment of the existing nursing non-practices.


Implications for Nursing Practices

Nursing practices are crucial not only to the clinicians but also to any other health officer. Therefore, they are associated with the significant advantages of one’s professionalism and above how to handle patients’ needs. These practices are aimed at improving the current and future situation(s) of the patients. From Arnold and Boggs’s article, the implication for nursing practices are that; through enhancement of communication skills, the nurses can know and monitor the requirements of their patients. The skills obtained on how to talk with numerous patients regardless of one’s age make him or she knows the required medication and the way forward if the medicine fails in preventing and curing patient’s problem(s). This is a definite implication as the alternatives are provided in case of failure.

Also, the relationship between the nurses and the patients is improved. This is achieved through having a good interpersonal relationship where the patients become open to their suffering. By so doing, the right treatment and the management of the diseases are put into consideration thus relieving the patient from the accruing pains and stresses. This happens when a patient’s conditions and drugs to be administered are fully known. Besides, a good communication relationship brings fruitful cooperation between the participants and acquiring more knowledge and skills on how they should be solved. Moreover, their experience is improved hence knowing what, what not to be done, when, and how to patient’s situation or problem compilation should be handled. If the above is realized, better services such as treatment and caring of patients are enjoyed. Also, nurses’ professionalism is improved as virtues are added to their daily activities. This has assisted Austrian health centers in developing a better working plan aimed at enhancing safety and quality deliverance of services.

Additionally, through the nursing practice as per the Scott et al., 2016 article, one is equipped with in-depth knowledge on various side effects either negative or positive brought by specific medicine when taken. This implication has helped the nurses knowing the most effective medication for patients regardless of the health problem he or she is suffering. Besides, they are assisted in determining the right decision during stressful situations, for example, if one is suffering from one or more illnesses and his or her life is on the verge of being terminated. By so doing, they have been hardened in treating the most painful sickness to save one’s life. It is by this implication that safety and quality services are delivered according to the Austrian’s health organization body.

Apart from the implications as mentioned earlier of nursing practice, they are also taught how to manage diverse situations of patients. Through this process of knowing how to handle conditions and diseases of patients, they are educated thereby getting more experience together with knowledge and skills. Besides, through assessing patients situations, their ability to stand in case of an emergency increases. This kind of confidence and improves him or her in his or her nursing field. It is by nursing practices where patients are so educated on the importance of their well-being and ways in which they can keep themselves healthy. For instance, by eating foods having a low content of sodium to reduce hypertension problems and also by avoiding junky foods are the source of increased obesity. The above implications are nurse-tied, and they are aimed at keeping close monitoring of patients’ conditions and effects which can affect their health when they take medicines. In summary, implications of nursing practices are abroad, and with close, intensive care their problems can be called-off as per the Australian health sector’s wish and plan.

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