Annotated Bibliography; Role of Facebook in Marketing

Annotated Bibliography; Role of Facebook in Marketing

1.Agozzino, A., & Kaiser, C. (2014). Social media as a practical approach in engaging key stakeholders in school crisis communication plans: a qualitative analysis. Journal of School Public Relations35(1), 44+. Retrieved from

This study by Agozzino and Kaiser (2014) takes the perspective of public relations and methods of developing communication in marketing. The research shows that engaging with clients through social media; especially Facebook is essential to building a brand. The study gives a new dynamic to the implementation of marketing strategies through social media. It takes critical stakeholders in a company stating that the audiences are essential for the success of a company.

2. Anderson, M. & Jiang, J. (2018). Teens, social media & technology 2018 [Report]. Retrieved from

This study by Anderson and Jiang, (2018) looks at how teenagers use Facebook and other social media platforms to purchase their goods. This study identifies that acompany has to realize the most evenly used platform by its clients. In case it is a company that offers products that are mostly consumed by teenagers, social media is the best platform and knowing the time when teenagers’ access to Facebook is important.

  1. Cox, D. D., & McLeod, S. (2014). Social media marketing and communication strategies for school superintendents. Journal of Educational Administration, 52(6), 850-868.  doi:

    The article by Cox and McLeod (2014) addresses social media and how it is used by administrators to give insights into what is happening in the company. The study is related to the study by Lavergne (2017) as it also shows the role of consumers on the type of communication that the companies put across. The study concludes that the type of communication that a company relays depends on the consumers of the message and, therefore, social media effects the general outcome of a company.

  2. Lavergne, N. N. L. or. (2017). Improve School District-Community Relationships with Social Media. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 84(2), 13–15. Retrieved from

This study by Lavergne(2017) is an instructional study that shows ways of facilitating social media marketing and communication can facilitate brand marketing and spread of company information. According to this study, implementing social media marketing requires an understanding of the most integral parts of the client base. This study is intended for the consumers of the new media audiences and assumes that they have a role to play in the decisions of a company. The study gives the basics of consumer identification in social media

  1. Magette, K. (2018). The social media imperative: School leadership and strategies for success. Lanham, MD: Rowman& Littlefield.


This book by Magette (2018) talks about ways of impressing the effectiveness of social media communication. The author gives a blueprint of what companies need to do to build a social media community that is strategically transparent and fruitful. Numerous policies have to be developed strategically by a company to ensure that they keep up from the rest.


  1. Marino, S. (2018). Communicating with your school community through social media [Presentation]. Retrieved from

The study by Marino shows reasons why companies that are focusing on marketing should use social media to form groups together with other networks. There are other social media networks apart from Facebook including Instagram where companies can decide to incorporate their marketing to get a larger or a wider client base.


  1. Murley, S. F. (2014, November). Engaging with a digital citizenry. School Administrator, 71(10), 30. Retrieved from

The article by Murley (2014) addresses the negative impacts of enduring social media. When it comes to reasons why some companies fail in marketing, it's because they have resisted adapting to the changes especially those that deal with technological advancements. Producing social media participation and engaging in other audiences, the leaders in companies have an option on reaching many clients and knowing the best ideas on how to manage their companies. They can also copy their competitors and use their best strategies to implement on their own.


  1. Smith, A., & Anderson, M. (2018). Social media use in 2018 [Report]. Retrieved from

This study focuses on adult vs. young users of social media. It examines social media through generations and gives an insight into why Facebook has remained dominant in all the other media platforms. The report also looks into other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. The researcher illustrates how average Americans and other people use three platforms at the same time and how integrating these can leave a company the best outcome.


  1. Stephens, K., & Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (ED). (2011). Social Media in School Emergency Management: Using New Media Technology to Improve Emergency Management Communications. Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, US Department of Education. Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, US Department of Education. Retrieved from


This website addresses the provisions and benefits of understanding the challenges that are presented by the social media especially this that are presented during a crisis. The challenge of social media becomes the ability to spread especially if there is a negative opinion towards a company. This requires an entire attitude and understanding of the negative reviews that social media users leave on social media platforms. A company, therefore, has to have an emergency strategy in case such a plan do not come to fruition.


  1. Williamson, R., & Education Partnerships, I. (EPI). (2012). Social Media for School Communication. Research into Practice. Education Partnerships, Inc. Education Partnerships, Inc. Retrieved from

Social media marketing and school have been addressed on this web site by stating the best practices in education and those that have to be shared within the social media platform. The study gives the basic standards that companies can relate to in constructing the message for the consumers.  This is a basic strategy that the company's used to access many clients who use the products and learn about the products on Facebook.



  1. Bright, L., Grau, S. L., & Kleiser, S. B. (2015). Thumbs Down to Facebook? Exploring Social Media Addiction among Millennials Using the Consumption Continuum Framework. American Academy of Advertising Conference Proceedings, 170–171.


Bright et al. (2015) talk about the disadvantages that are associated with Facebook advertisements especially for those companies that are not using the platform correctly. Social media addiction amon

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