Annotated Bibliography; Role of Facebook in Marketing

Annotated Bibliography; Role of Facebook in Marketing

1.Agozzino, A., & Kaiser, C. (2014). Social media as a practical approach in engaging key stakeholders in school crisis communication plans: a qualitative analysis. Journal of School Public Relations35(1), 44+. Retrieved from

This study by Agozzino and Kaiser (2014) takes the perspective of public relations and methods of developing communication in marketing. The research shows that engaging with clients through social media; especially Facebook is essential to building a brand. The study gives a new dynamic to the implementation of marketing strategies through social media. It takes critical stakeholders in a company stating that the audiences are essential for the success of a company.

2. Anderson, M. & Jiang, J. (2018). Teens, social media & technology 2018 [Report]. Retrieved from

This study by Anderson and Jiang, (2018) looks at how teenagers use Facebook and other social media platforms to purchase their goods. This study identifies that acompany has to realize the most evenly used platform by its clients. In case it is a company that offers products that are mostly consumed by teenagers, social media is the best platform and knowing the time when teenagers’ access to Facebook is important.

  1. Cox, D. D., & McLeod, S. (2014). Social media marketing and communication strategies for school superintendents. Journal of Educational Administration, 52(6), 850-868.  doi:

    The article by Cox and McLeod (2014) addresses social media and how it is used by administrators to give insights into what is happening in the company. The study is related to the study by Lavergne (2017) as it also shows the role of consumers on the type of communication that the companies put across. The study concludes that the type of communication that a company relays depends on the consumers of the message and, therefore, social media effects the general outcome of a company.

  2. Lavergne, N. N. L. or. (2017). Improve School District-Community Relationships with Social Media. Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, 84(2), 13–15. Retrieved from

This study by Lavergne(2017) is an instructional study that shows ways of facilitating social media marketing and communication can facilitate brand marketing and spread of company information. According to this study, implementing social media marketing requires an understanding of the most integral parts of the client base. This study is intended for the consumers of the new media audiences and assumes that they have a role to play in the decisions of a company. The study gives the basics of consumer identification in social media

  1. Magette, K. (2018). The social media imperative: School leadership and strategies for success. Lanham, MD: Rowman& Littlefield.


This book by Magette (2018) talks about ways of impressing the effectiveness of social media communication. The author gives a blueprint of what companies need to do to build a social media community that is strategically transparent and fruitful. Numerous policies have to be developed strategically by a company to ensure that they keep up from the rest.


  1. Marino, S. (2018). Communicating with your school community through social media [Presentation]. Retrieved from

The study by Marino shows reasons why companies that are focusing on marketing should use social media to form groups together with other networks. There are other social media networks apart from Facebook including Instagram where companies can decide to incorporate their marketing to get a larger or a wider client base.


  1. Murley, S. F. (2014, November). Engaging with a digital citizenry. School Administrator, 71(10), 30. Retrieved from

The article by Murley (2014) addresses the negative impacts of enduring social media. When it comes to reasons why some companies fail in marketing, it’s because they have resisted adapting to the changes especially those that deal with technological advancements. Producing social media participation and engaging in other audiences, the leaders in companies have an option on reaching many clients and knowing the best ideas on how to manage their companies. They can also copy their competitors and use their best strategies to implement on their own.


  1. Smith, A., & Anderson, M. (2018). Social media use in 2018 [Report]. Retrieved from

This study focuses on adult vs. young users of social media. It examines social media through generations and gives an insight into why Facebook has remained dominant in all the other media platforms. The report also looks into other social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter. The researcher illustrates how average Americans and other people use three platforms at the same time and how integrating these can leave a company the best outcome.


  1. Stephens, K., & Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (ED). (2011). Social Media in School Emergency Management: Using New Media Technology to Improve Emergency Management Communications. Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, US Department of Education. Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools, US Department of Education. Retrieved from


This website addresses the provisions and benefits of understanding the challenges that are presented by the social media especially this that are presented during a crisis. The challenge of social media becomes the ability to spread especially if there is a negative opinion towards a company. This requires an entire attitude and understanding of the negative reviews that social media users leave on social media platforms. A company, therefore, has to have an emergency strategy in case such a plan do not come to fruition.


  1. Williamson, R., & Education Partnerships, I. (EPI). (2012). Social Media for School Communication. Research into Practice. Education Partnerships, Inc. Education Partnerships, Inc. Retrieved from

Social media marketing and school have been addressed on this web site by stating the best practices in education and those that have to be shared within the social media platform. The study gives the basic standards that companies can relate to in constructing the message for the consumers.  This is a basic strategy that the company’s used to access many clients who use the products and learn about the products on Facebook.



  1. Bright, L., Grau, S. L., & Kleiser, S. B. (2015). Thumbs Down to Facebook? Exploring Social Media Addiction among Millennials Using the Consumption Continuum Framework. American Academy of Advertising Conference Proceedings, 170–171.


Bright et al. (2015) talk about the disadvantages that are associated with Facebook advertisements especially for those companies that are not using the platform correctly. Social media addiction among the millennials is the other idea that has been addressed in this article. Advertisement on Facebook has been recommended by the author for the smaller companies especially the application and the complete understanding of Facebook in companies. In most cases, companies apply the wrong procedures or social media on the advertisement.


  1. Ressa, M. (2019). Facebook Let My Government Target Me, but the Social-Media Giant Could Yet Fulfill Its Original Promise. Time, 193(3), 30–31.


Ressa(2019) has massively criticized the use of social media as a marketing strategy. According to this author, social media and Facebook can have a negative impact on the company especially those that deal with specific goods. This author that Facebook is only applicable in some cases, but it’s not always the best solution for new companies that are entering the market. As a consequent of the constant criticism of social media at the many opinions that are based on the internet, these are ideas that can damage the brand of a company. It is, therefore, important that a company identifies itself with the client’s place before using social media. This way, the company can sustain its image before getting to a level where it can sustain criticism.



  1. Bianchi, C., Andrews, L., Wiese, M., & Fazal-E-Hasan, S. (2017). Consumer intentions to engage in s-commerce: a cross-national study. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(5/6), 464–494.


This article addresses the intentions of consumers to get involved in the goods and services that they receive. They are loose consumers that cannot purchase products before they interact with the producers. Through Facebook and other social media platforms, the consumers can get involved in the quality of service that they get from a certain company or producer. By interacting with others on the Facebook platform, the other clients and customers can guarantee validity and reliability. In most cases, customers tend to believe their fellow customers especially when they are purchasing a product. If one of the customers has been treated equally by their customer service or members of the company, it is most likely that they will share the experience with others. This can be an idea that has a negative impact on the company.


  1. Okazaki, S., Andreu, L., & Campo, S. (2017). Knowledge Sharing Among Tourists via Social Media: AComparison Between Facebook and TripAdvisor. International Journal of Tourism Research, 19(1),107–119.


This research by Okazaki, Andreu, and Campo (2017) highlights the insight of knowledge sharing experiences by different customers on social media. This article talks about how crucial it is for tourists to share their experiences among themselves on social media. It also gives a comparison between Facebook and the other application of social media known as trip advisor. Even though Facebook gives all the services that are given through TripAdvisor, the authors conclude that it is important for specific industries to have their own social media platform where like-minded clients can share their experiences. In this case, the clients operate on travels, and therefore they understand the issues or ideas affecting them.


  1. Wei Wei, Ying (Tracy) Lu, & Nan Hua. (2017). Attendees’ User Experience of Social Media Technology during Multiphase Participation in Conventions: A Consumption Values Approach. Event Management, 21(3), 347–364.


This research by Wei Wei et al. (2017) talks about user experience in digital media and social technology. The authors highlight some of the phases of social media consumption. Social media consumption requires an understanding from the business owners. When it comes to marketing, event management, and consumption approaches are some of the most critical values in understanding the trends in the media. There is a certain sequence of the consumers who believe in a certain approach and certain ways of communicating with them.


  1. Kugler, L. (2018). Getting Hooked on Tech: Are technology companies maximizing profits by making users addicted to their products? Communications of the ACM, 61(6), 18–19.


Kugler(2018) speaks about addiction in the media and how people get hooked in technology, and it becomes difficult to avoid. The author highlights some of the characteristics of this generation who cannot live without the media after they have discovered it. Technological companies are there for making maximum use of the addiction that the users have. It is important to understand the addiction trends and the products that the people are addicted to.


  1. Yoon, G., Li, C., Ji, Y. (Grace), North, M., Hong, C., & Liu, J. (2018). Attracting Comments: Digital

Engagement Metrics on Facebook and Financial Performance. Journal of Advertising, 47(1), 24–37.

This article addresses methods of attracting comments on the digital platform. The study shows how important comments are too convincing the clients. According to this study, the authors demonstrate that several Facebook users depend on reading comments before making decisions. The comments that go towards the positive ideas of the company help the company to reach more people and become accepted. Yoon et al. (2018) have a study that can be related to the ones done by Kugler (2018).



  1. Manuel, J. T., & P. Schunke, M. (2016). Meeting Students Where They Are Online, But Leading Them Somewhere More Interesting: Reflections on Teaching the Facebook Class. College Teaching, 64(3), 112–118.


The authors of this article address some of the uses of social and digital media. Apart from marketing, social media platforms, it is used in education. Numerous topics are of interest to a client base that the company can take advantage of and incorporating their social media status. Social discussions include current trends and any form of crisis in social media. Such tricks are used to capture the attention of people and to attract more visitors to the world of the company. It is important that the company uses this advantage to market its brand to the entire public and concentrate on the positives of social media.


  1. Bolat, E., & O’Sullivan, H. (2017). Radicalising the marketing of higher education: learning from a student-generated social media data. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(9/10), 742–763.


This study by Bolar and Sullivan (2018)  takes the perspective of higher education and the role that social media plays in shaping their lives.  This is a market management strategy that requires companies to have an import in the dataflow. The author recommends that a company have to learn about the trends of radicalization in social media. Radicalization process involved participating in search engine optimization and continuous participation in Facebook and other social media. The study concluded that companies have to study the trends set by the majority of Facebook users to design better methods of communication.


  1. Callaghan, G., & Fribbance, I. (2016). The use of Facebook to build a community for distance learning students: a case study from the Open University. Open Learning, 31(3), 260–272.

This study discusses the development of online office in different places leaving the united states. It presents an analysis of several fundamental issues within marketing and public relations and the provision of online opportunities for businesses. The article is also supported by journalistic surveys that have been used in the united states media with several examples across different localities in the US.

  1. Lee, K., Lee, B., & Oh, W. (2015). Thumbs Up, Sales Up? The Contingent Effect of Facebook Likes on Sales Performance in Social Commerce. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(4), 109–143.

The authors state that there have been little knowledge and guidance from companies that want to consider publishing their work on the internet and how to use different forms of communication. It also states that online electronic communication lacks the initiatives of the government to control the level of communication and identity of information publishers. These authors conclude that the use of social media will continue to gain more attention with time.


  1. Jost, J. T., Barberá, P., Bonneau, R., Langer, M., Metzger, M., Nagler, J., … Tucker, J. A. (2018). How Social Media Facilitates Political Protest: Information, Motivation, and Social Networks. Political Psychology, 39, 85–118.

This study analyses the need for using a good social media platform and plans to drive sales within an organization. A good social media is compared to a driving force for the sales in a company. Numerous companies on a global scale as well as those that are within us use social media to give their forms connection to the world. Technological innovations are continuously growing and eventually leads to unprecedented success.


  1. Yang, S., Lin, S., Carlson, J. R., & Ross, W. T. (2016). Brand engagement on social media: will firms’ social media efforts influence search engine advertising effectiveness? Journal of Marketing Management, 32(5–6), 526–557.

This article discusses different social media plans that companies use. Considering the core of a good social media plan is crucial. While maintaining the company’s brand, it is important to have an identity especially those that deal with innovations and competition. Crucial to construct the right message for social media have to value the dentures presented by the competitors. Similarly, the authors recommenduseful ideas that drive sales and also maintain the image of the company.

  1. Laudon, K. C., & Traver, C. G. (2016). E-commerce: business, technology, society.

Laudon and Trever (2016) state that digital marketing is the future of commercialization.

The process of building the brand of the company have to be accompanied by an increase in sales.  Through incorporating positive feedback from social media users, it becomes easier to increase the popularity of the country.

  1. Vaidhyanathan, S. (2018). Antisocial media: How Facebook disconnects us and undermines democracy. Oxford University Press.

Leaders, therefore, have to provide the best communication and know when to approach the customers. The presentation gives what social media leaders can do in a normal environment especially those environments that are relevant to marketing. Education of leaders through social media is so important especially those companies that had employed elderly employees who are not aware of internet use.


This article examines the conflict that exists between traditional forms of media and the new media. It also explores the future competitiveness in the marketing industry. Business models that have been identified in this study include the traditional media, world communities and the content syndication. New platform aggregates have also been considered in the study. The research found evidence that shows reasons for developing conflicts within the new media. The market where the youth develop demographics are the leading causes of the challenges that come with the new media.

  1. Newman, T., Peck, J., & Wilhide, B. (2017). Social media in sports marketing. Routledge. Abram, C. (2018). Facebook for dummies. John Wiley & Sons.

This article gives polar opposite trends to continuous conspiracies against social media. Instead, it shows numerous companies that have been successful through the application of the write procedures on Facebook. The research gives an example of more than 300 million users of Facebook who are between the ages of 35 to 50 years who found the majority of people on Facebook. The number of minutes spent every day on Facebook is more than 8 billion, and it happens daily. This shows the number of people that the companies can access in case they can effectively define the market client base and also incorporate different strands on Facebook.

  1. Bertrand, C. J. (2018). Media ethics and accountability systems. Routledge.

This study in such various accountabilities and media ethics within social media. It states that display today freedom an unknown amenity that is expressed within the social media, companies have grown to stay vertical and their contents and remain accountable to their clients. This means that they have to produce content that their customers can relate to when they visit Facebook. In most cases, customers feel offended bible contacts that have two companies posted on Facebook and other digital platforms. The study shows why it is important for companies to remind the customers what they stand for by posting ethical content.

  1. Graham, M. (2018). Facebook Bugged, Marketers Shrug. Advertising Age, 89(8), 0006.

Thebstudyby Graham (2018) shows how advertising age has changed the operations of the business. Traditionally, the Japanese have used the broadcast and other media platforms to access the general public. However, these changes have improved the interaction between the company and the clients. The digital age has had a massive influence on the status of marketing as company marketing as companies can directly interact with their customers where selling their ideas to them.

  1. Del Rowe, S. (2018). Disappearing Content Is Marketing Magic: Platforms like Instagram Stories and Snapchat allow marketers to reach new audiences. CRM Magazine, 22(2), 34–37.

The marketing magic has been analyzed by del Rowe (2018) on how important digital media has been to companies. This study on the disappearing content and the introduction of marketing magic analyses some of the digital media and how they have allowed marketers to successfully and easily reach their audiences. The author of this study believes that the digital age help opens new opportunities for many employers. Instead of having to look for employees manually and advertising for acquisitions, the digital media platforms can be used to access the best available talent that can fit into the positions.


  1. Martin, E. J. (2017). The State of Social Media. EContent, 40(1), 22–24.

The study about the state of social media shows how promotional content has been changed from traditional media to social media. Beaten content has a special way of communicating with their uses, and it’s treated differently. The time that it takes has to be specified, and companies have to know when they are accessing the customers. Just like the other traditional media content, content has a specific timeline for its release. The state of social media is currently on a high, and many companies cannot underestimate what it can achieve if it successfully implements social media.

  1. Russo, L. (2017). Mastering Marketing. Library Journal, 142(4), 46–48.

This study shows some of the most important marketing strategies that have been used in the past and have been borrowed in the present moment. Digital content creation borrows a lot of ideas from the past content creation, especially those that were going for them broadcast media. Even though the content of the map is the same, treating a client base is the difference as it is a specified client base. Despite having the similarities, there are different roles of the new companies to ensure that they get involved with the right channels and digital content.

  1. POPHAL, L. (2016). The Gap Between Sales and Marketing Content. EContent, 39(6), 4–8.

The content of marketing will always remain relevant in any situation. This study shows that sales contents have to meet the expectations of the [producers and consumers. Social marketing is, therefore, an opportunity that many people have relished for a long time. It is a strategy that requires knowledge and understanding of the behavior of the clients who are usually social media users. Facebook users have preference and highways that companies can without necessarily negatively affecting the company. It is, therefore, up to them to continuously remain in touch with the trends in Facebook.


The gap between the sales and market creation of the content has been exploited by this author. The author also states that sales and marketing are two ideas that the company has to understand. Having accident marketing strategies does not necessarily translate to first sales. The traditional forms of media were in many ways successful in marketing, and they allowed bigger companies to succeed in sales. However, social media has created element brand for every company to succeed in.


  1. King, N., & Khauli, L. (2016). Losing [IT] Control to Gain It: Exploring Organizational Linkages of Social Media Technology. Information Systems Management, 33(4), 344–356.

This study looks at the methods of exploiting the opportunities that have been given by social media. Various businesses can use Facebook pages while incorporating promotions in them with less than 140 characters. Twitter remains the turning point of business sales. With the changes in technology, it is important for businesses to also adjust with the online media as it has been used effectively for building business brands. It gives the companies the opportunities to explore the ideas that would otherwise be impossible.

  1. Eghdam, A., Hamidi, U., Bartfai, A., & Koch, S. (2018). Facebook as communication support for persons with potential mild acquired cognitive impairment: A content and social network analysis study. PLoS ONE, 13(1), 1–24.

The studyby  (Eghdam, Hamidi, Bartfai, and Koch, 2018)shos how Facebook has been used successfully to relay information to those that are impaired. Before the digital age, the companies could not access specified customers on any platform without minding about those impaired. This change has also increased the client base for the companies.

  1. Haire, T. (2017). The Third Leg: Media Drives Technology and Commerce. The response, 25(9), 4.

The author addresses the third leg and the reasons for the increased success in social media. The author believes that understanding communication that suits a certain type of gladness is key to success in marketing in social media. The author concludes that for successful intervention in social media, people have to be prepared for the different outcomes in case the right message is not given, the messages in the social media are understood by those who are willing, and those who are not willing would lea likely get consumed into the message.


  1. Tufekci, Z. (2018). The road from Tahrir to Trump. MIT Technology Review, 121(5), 10–17.

Conference At-A-Glance. (2018). Streaming Media, 15(3), 76–78.

Facebook saves the company costs that could have been used for other expenses. Facebook has been successfully used by big companies to employ most of the staff members. To effectively communicate with the audience, the company needs to understand the methods of maximizing the profit in addiction. Understanding the trends in social media and how people consume the information have been recommended by the author to be the key priority in marketing information.

  1. Steinmetz, Katy. “Can Congress Rein in Big Tech?” Time, vol. 191, no. 15, Apr. 2018, pp. 46–47.

The author analyses the role of technology in the changes in society. It agrees with the other studies by stating that the use of Facebook and other social media requires the companies to find a client base can understand the operations of the company. Clarification is essential in the comments section of Facebook. As a result of Facebook, the companies have given a platform where they can interact with their customers without necessarily involving the public.

  1. Lim, P. J. (2017). Tech Stocks Are Back. In a Bubble. Money, 46(9), 48–49.

The author analyses the social media stock and how it has changed the technology world. Employees, therefore, have to look for ways of reaching a large pool of clients and other people who use social media to determine the success of their marketing strategies. Having the best strategies can prove to be quite beneficial. All the media platforms allow the companies to have a platform where they can interact with their customers without necessarily involving the public.

  1. Jackson, J. (2017). How new media firms are losing their gloss. New Statesman, 146(5394), 17.

This study shows that social media is continuously losing its focus and does not meet the needs that it should. This way, it negatively affects the company as many people are open to the platforms of Facebook. It is up to the company to play down all the disadvantages, and the negative comments from a section of the clients include the people who are not satisfied with their services or products of the company.  Jackson (2017), agree that it is important to understand the negative impacts that negative comments can have on the company.

  1. Burke, L. (2017). How to Outperform Your Competitors on Social Media? Home Business Magazine: The Home-Based Entrepreneur’s Magazine, 24(1), 34–36.

Burke (2017)  addresses what the companies can do on social media especially from the customers who are at home. Nowadays, many clients prefer delivered products instead of having to go and look for the products on their own. This article is beneficial for the research as it can help companies that are struggling with their image creation to know the type of communication to put across in their social media platforms while marketing.
Making communication more effective can be the best idea for the social media marketing companies.


  1. Mathis, T. L. (2015). Safety Culture and Social Media. EHS Today, 8(4), 17–18.

The author identifies the culture that is mostly presented in social media. The digital gold rush and the internet success have changed the operations of the business between operations of Facebook and Myspace making it easier for companies to develop their audiences. Mathis (2015) also states that Facebook has openedfacebook for the companies that may have difficulties in paying for large advertisements in broadcast media. The study recommends that people have to embrace the changes for them to remain relevant.

  1. Johnstone, M.-J. (2016). Privacy, professionalism, and social media. Australian Nursing & MidwiferyJournal, 23(7), 23.

This study looks at the most commonly used practices of social media and how companies can use the advantages of a crisis that is trending on social media to market what they are offering to their clients. Tjohnstone (2016) concludes that it is important for companies to know the trends in social media and how to use Facebook to market their products effective and accessible by many people. This study also agreewith the one done by Burke (2019) about the access sot remote clients through the social media