Answer the Questions

Answer the Questions

Question 1

The image on the text shows a young man studying. The person on the text is busy writing and beside him are some papers. The text begins with an image because the author wants the reader to grasp the ideas about the text immediately so that he or she may continue reading.

Question 2

Translation entails accepting the foreignness of languages. An ethnographer will first produce the text before translating them. An ethnographer portrays similar characteristics to Hermes and may obtain information through stealth. An ethnographer offers a final interpretation of the message.

Question 3

The author picked this three texts because they provide information on ways the ethnographer endeavors to convince the reader though his message. The texts exhibit the ethnographer’s authority, objectivity, and sincerity.

Question 4

Crapanzano argues that Catlin’s work is predominated by a hypotyposis. However, he criticizes that Catlin uses metaphorical phrases and similes that are inappropriate and terrifying. In addition, Crapanzano criticizes Catlin for using confusing ways to rationalize his description. Catlin writes that the world will experience a new ceremony that is worth them knowing. However, he does not provide a theoretical justification. I agree with Crapanzano’s criticism since Catlin has the problem of credibility and he is rhetorical.

Question 5

Geertz creates his authority by starting the essay with a humorous tale of entry. Geertz narrates the story to capture the attention of the reader. Crapanzano’s argument does not change my perspective about Geertz writing. The text discusses the opposition established between Geertz and his wife, and Balinese. Also, it talks about the police and the raid of the village cockfight.

Question 6

The techniques you can use to create authority is by providing a direct quotation. Starting a text with a quote will attract the attention of the audience. In addition, one can use an anecdote to lead the audience to the main point. Artists do not behave in a similar way since they have different ways of expressing their ideas or message. The piece of art is authoritative if it has external citations. Besides, the existence of multiple perspective and acknowledgment of limitations makes a piece of art authoritative.

Question 7

One can respond to work critically by acquiring the background knowledge about the text. One should have an understanding of the type of writing examined, topic, the author’s bias, and the audience. Moreover, one should realize his intentions and develop skills of observation and analysis.

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