Anthropology Questions


The term hiddenness is a metaphor that focuses on the treatment of the immigrant workers by their employees. The author compares the state of the immigrant to modern enslavement as there is a violation of their rights.  Nonetheless, most of the immigrant workers are located in private farms and thus alienated from the public. While other residents enjoy the provisions of the Bill of Rights, it is worth noting that there is a continuous infringement on the rights of the immigrants as most of them are labeled as illegal workers. Holmes notes that there is a tendency to hide the plight of immigrant workers from the public. Despite their ordeals, there is the indication that their problems remain unknown to the public as their settlements are kept away from the public.

Question Two

According to doctor Homes, the plight of the immigrantworkers has formanyyears been kept away from the public limelight. The alimentation of the immigrants from the mainstream society thus makes it challenging to determine the ordeals they face. It is theseevents that prompted the author to workalongside the workers. It is critical to note that working along the workers gave him real-lifeexperiences of the problems that are immigrant workers face in farms as well as the failure of the government to address the issues. Owing to the fact that the public is unaware of the ordeals that are faced by the group, living alongsidethe workers has outstanding impacts on research as it offers credible data on the experiences of the workers. Contrary to sending out questionnaires, there is the ability to focus on elementssuch as the level of discrimination in the laborand other violations on fundamental human rights.

Question 3:

According to Doctor Homes, there is a tendency to infringe on the rights of the minoritygroups. It isimperative to mention that most of the immigrant workers are seen as coming from the Latino community and other minority groups. Moreover, focusing on many labor camps indicates that there are significant levels of discrimination that are based on racialfactors. Contraryto the dominant white race, Holmes indicates that the minority groups such as the Spanish community are on the receiving end of discriminatory policies. Not only are the members of the minority groups paid low wages, but they are also subjected to harsh working conditions with deplorable settlements. The situation is evident in the Tanaka farm where there are different facilities for the diverse races in the farm.Nonetheless, the trend can be designed as being a violation of fundamental human rights and leads to an increased level of human suffering.


Question 4:

The video outlines that there is a widely held view that most of the workers are immigrant workers and thus minimizes the chances of having government interventions. The state in many of the farms indicates that there is an emphasis on profit maximization at the expense of the workers. The treatment of the workers seem to be based on racial factors as members of the minority groups are treated as being inferior to other groups. Most of the workers are seen as being from the Spanish community and face many economic challenges. The state of the employees thus highlights the level of discrimination in mainstream society


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