Antigone Character Analysis

In the course of the whole play, Antigone has proved to be a very loving sister who would do anything for the brother and the family members who are close to her. She goes a step of risking her life all for the sake of the brother (Hogan, 1972). In doing this, she is aware of the situations that she is putting herself in and the challenges that could come with that. In a statement, she proves that she is ready to do all for the brother "I shall lie down with him, and I shall be as dear to him as he to me." The statement shows how deep her love is for the brother and to anybody else who is like the brother. The fact that she goes ahead to say that "it is my nature to join in love” speaks volume about her character (Hogan, 1972).

Compared to the other characters in the play, Antigone clearly understands what is right and wrong, and she is bold enough to stand for her principles. To Antigone, consequences are nothing if her conscience is right. The gods would want an individual to have a decent burial and Antigone is not shy of this despite it being against the directive of Creon. In a moment Antigone is seen to challenge Creon and firmly state her stand when she says "Creon is not enough to stand in my way." She proves to have an attitude to face any enemy or individual who would step into her way (Hogan, 1972). Antigone knows no fears. In the first place, she knew that she was going against the law, Ismene at one point threatens to inform others of the actions of Antigone, but this did not prompt her to change the mind. The iro

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