Appeals Statement for Declined College Submission

Appeals Statement for Declined College Submission

The rejection letter I received from Sac State did not surprise me; however, I was extremely disappointed. Since I was in high school, I have always developed the desire to pursue my education at Sac State. During my 9, 10 and 11th grade years, I experienced hardships and challenges that affected my performances in school. For instance, in fall of 2012, my mother had a brain disorder, which affected her support for my education, social and spiritual life. Additionally, my parents separated, and I was only staying with my mother and two siblings. I spent much time moving between places since my parents were not staying together, which also affected my graduation. I graduated from Alameda Carter Middle school before attending California Preparatory Academy. On January 2013, my mother had surgery, and I was forced to move back and forth between homes to help her recover.

The separation of my parents and the illness of my mother had an adverse impact on my school life. Due to the chaos in our family, I was deprived of sufficient academic support. My mother who could have helped me with my education was not residing at home. The frustrations I experienced affected my ability to focus in class. My teachers, Mr. Cabra and Ms. Saba can both attest to my emotional condition. The suffering that my mother went through due to brain diagnosis affected my ability to exhibit learning problems and interacting with peers in school. I developed difficulties with task persistence and internalizing problems. Every time I was in school, I could only hope that my parents could put aside their differences and look after the family.

My academics were of concern to me, and I had to find ways to improve my performances. After school hours, I attended tutoring at Class Room Matter in Berkeley. I maintained constant communication with my primary tutor, Jordan who kept on assisting me with school work. Although Mr. Jordan could not tutor me on campus, he offered his services at Class Room Matters and one of the UC Berkeley libraries. Similarly, my parents used to drive me to the café down the street from the school just to meet my tutor. My parents spent a lot of effort, time and money to ensure that I improved my grades.

My experiences and achievements include the passion for leading the Black Student Union (BSU) and the commitment to achieve more. My leadership skills would help in ensuring that the concerns of the students are known to the school authorities, and this will help to improve our welfare and performance at Sac State. Additionally, I will use my experience and unselfish perspective to overcome challenges. Leadership thought me how to interact with people; therefore, the skills I have will help me to boost my interaction with students through moral support. I am tremendously impressed by Sac State, and I do hope that you will reconsider my application for admission.

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