Apple’s Product Quality

Although Apple has won different prizes for being the most admired company in the world, it has also faced numerous ethical issues in recent years (Sawayda, 2011).  Such problems are projected to become potential barriers to the future of the company. Any ethical misconduct or failure to address the risks diligently can adversely affect the reputation of the company. How then has product quality become an ethical difficulty within the company and what is the resolution?

Product quality

Apple’s brand is determined by the quality of the product and any mistake in the production can result in severe ethical dilemmas.  In the fast-growing electronics industry where a diversity of products is introduced, detecting an error is not easy. The consumers complained about the reception problems immediately Apple launched the iPhone 4 (Sawayda, 2011). The difficulty was as a result of the interference in the antennae when the phone was held in a specific direction. Experts from public relations criticized Apple’s strategy of striving to minimize the challenge rather than reacting promptly to remedy.


When the company realized that “Consumer Reports” was not willing to endorse the product, Apple issued free cases and bumpers for a specific period to resolve the problems encountered on reception (Weiss, 2014). Through such a strategy to combat the issue on the product, several million still enjoyed purchasing the iPhone 4. The issue provided a warning to Apple Company on the improved care it must consider product quality. Consumers often regard products from Apple to be observant on quality. Even after experiencing such an ethical dilemma it is reported that millions continued to purchase the product. Why is there a possibility of continued sales on Apple products even after experiencing issues on product quality?

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