Application Essay

In life, inspirations play a critical role in ensuring that a person achieves the desired goals. One gets inspired by the achievement of his role models, leaders, and seniors. Through inspirations, I have developed a passion for foreign culture and international relations. I have always been fascinated by the desire to acquire more knowledge due to the constantly changing world. The little knowledge I have on foreign culture is driving me to explore the world. I was born and raised in Hong Kong until the age of 10. Since, my childhood, I was always living in a multi-culture environment. Being surrounded by people from different backgrounds has developed me positively. I can speak fluent English and Japanese since I was a student at French International School. I pursued my junior and high school studies from a Japanese international school. After my graduation, I spent time with many foreigners. In 2013, I studied in Costa Rica as an exchange student.

Currently, I am a student at Kapiolani Community College situated in Hawaii. I enrolled in this college in May 2015. My graduation date is in May 2017. Although I am a liberal arts students, I focused my studies on hospitality and tourism on my first year in college. I took two hospitality classes, which included hospitality 100 class and hospitality, 101 class. In the hospitality 100 class, we focused on hospitality and tourism industry. The class entailed studying strategies and skills related to career success and customer satisfaction in the industry. The class was useful since upon completion; I was able to identify career opportunities in the industry. Similarly, I was able to understand methods one can use to handle dissatisfied customers and exceeding their expectations. For instance, I was to know that understanding and to listen to customers is essential because they want the service provider to see and hear their complaints. Also, I have acquired knowledge in hospitality and tourism organizations and the approaches they use to win customer loyalty. Regarding the hospitality 101 class, we focused on learning the travel industry and related major business components. The class provided us with an overview of the hospitality industry. Moreover, the class focuses on the analyzing the link that exists between hotel, food, transportation and recreation.

My methods of study were not complex. After school, I always prepared for my classes at least two to three hours a day. I preferred studying from the library since it offered an environment conducive to learning. Teachers were my best friends, and I considered them my closest family when I am in school. I constantly asked them for help to improve my work. I had a problem understanding the structure of essay; therefore, I made use of teachers, and I am glad that I can now write an excellent essay. In our school, we have a study hub, and I had to use it constantly. The study Hub provides a platform for students to interact and offer free tutorials services. The school’s study hub contributed to my improvement in essay writing, math calculation, and accounting. During class hours, I ensured I actively participate in discussions or providing answers whenever the teacher asked questions. Even if I did not know the answer to the question asked, I would still try to explain what I had in mind. Besides, I used to help other Japanese students who seemed not to understand the concepts because I know the outcome when you are the only one who does not understand what is being thought. My biggest challenge was the fear to speak up in front of a large group of people. However, I had to find a solution to my problem. I had to practice many speech class and provide presentations, and that is when I gained confidence.

If I could remember, most of my science classes were related to sustainability, and I learned a lot. The science classes have helped me understand that we would thrive in this would if we live sustainably. In Hawaii, the demand for water exceeds the supply; therefore, I learned that we must encourage our community to conserve water by using it very preciously. The community does not have enough fresh water, and it would be to our benefit if we conserve the environment. Currently, the island of Oahu has almost 90% less poultry and dairy farms due to agriculture. Most of the products used by the residents are imported, and they have adverse effects on our health, environment, and jobs. I learned that it is important to live locally and support our local farmers. Moreover, by supporting local farmers, we will ensure the money generated from our local produce circulates within the island. We should stop relying heavily on imported goods since it will inhibit the growth of the domestic market. I recommend third world countries to do the same, and it will help save their local goods.

Regarding the extracurricular activities in college, I had participated in many services learning for my class. During the fall of 2015, I visited the Next Step Shelter to provide volunteer services to the homeless families. I helped by taking care of the children and playing with them for emotional and physical support. I offered my services to the homeless for approximately two to three months. When I was in school, I used to help out in the school’s gardens. Precisely, my work was to maintain plants and the state of the garden. I used to participate in beach clean ups in Waikiki occasionally. Whenever we went hiking with my boyfriend, we would pick up trash and recycle them. However, sometimes I did not have the time to attend because maybe I was busy at home or school. I had the desire to conserve the environment, and that was the reason I used to clean up the beach.

Communicating and interacting with the homeless was the most important thing to have happened to me. I considered it a wake-up call since I had to directly hear from them and understand the lives they are going through. I came to understand how the government does not consider them in many programs they have launched. The homeless people in Hawaii do not get the support of the government. The community in Hawaii faces a major problem of homelessness. Thinking in their perspective, I understood how the environment could alter your physical and mental wellness. Such alterations are always negative and will ruin one’s life.

Through taking care of plants and garden at school, I was able to realize how everything in this world is made and taken care of by Human. However, we never learn. We are used to taking that idea for granted. For instance, one can see beautiful plants at the school and think that it is pretty. Before you start thinking about the beauty of the environment, you should understand that there are people who devoted their time and resources to maintain those plants. Moreover, maintaining plants at the school’s garden is labor-intensive. On the same note, everything we touch, see and the smell is due to the interaction of human activity, which allow us to embrace the sense of community. I love being part of that community that cares for the well-being of other people and that of the environment. The purpose of life is to experience what is good and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding. I have learned a lot from all the extracurricular activities I had participated. They have taught me to give back to the community even those you do not have relationships with. I learned that one day you would get a reward for making the life of another person a little bit easier and happy.

If my transfer to APU is successful, I would like to major in “College of Asian Pacific Studies.” I want to study about Asian Pacific cultures with an open mind and understanding. I would like to use the knowledge from my studies to bring changes in people’s lives. I want to understand how the international relationship works. The knowledge would be useful in helping me bring unity and peace to a country without causing chaos and harm on people. Moreover, having lived in four different countries, I would be able to use the knowledge and experience to preach peace. My desire is to help those people in need. I want to seek equality on race, gender, and social status. I am always on constant interaction with people of different ethnic background, age, and religious practices; therefore, I am naturally trained to perceive situations in different perspectives without prejudice. Currently, my aim is to talk to as many students and teachers and ask each of their opinions without judgment. This will help me understand the core idea of what other people think. Additionally, I want to learn more about how we can live sustainably since the environment has been destroyed all over the world. Regarding tourism, I think that it can thrive in local areas, but we should, first of all, ensure that the environment is safe.

After transferring to APU, I would like to learn how to we can make tourism more sustainable. Tourism offers a major economic force, and by making it more sustainable, its outcome would have a significant impact on societies and environment. Therefore, I would like to research on approaches and tools that would help to develop and implement sustainable tourism strategies and policies. Moreover, my goal in life is to provide assistance to people in need and conserve the environment. I would like to see people live in a better environment. I want to inspire people around me to make better choices in life. This is because it is hard to survive on this earth without giving back what we have stolen: nature and humanity. I look forward to the committee of admission to offer me an opportunity to realize my dream by studying at APU.

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