Application for Admission

Application for Admission

For as long as I can recall, I have always had a soft spot for computers and technology because I wanted to understand how all of them functioned and had lots of dreams of all the cool things that people could create with a bit of inspiration and Mathematics. When I was young, I thought computers were cool, and I could jump on every opportunity I had to be near them. I was fascinated mostly with computer games such as Legos, even though my parents didn’t want me to spend more time playing games and they would urge me every time to study instead of playing. For me, it wasn’t just about the fun that comes with playing computer games; there was something in me that wanted to learn more about programming. It felt like a puzzle and enjoyed the problem-solving process and the creativity it took for one to craft code.

I was fortunate enough that our school introduced computer application as a general subject in middle school. This specific subject, computer application, had me hooked since I found it fascinating to have a medium where one could learn ideas and turn them into execution. I have always been an analytical person, and this made me excel most especially in Mathematics and science subjects. I think it is because of this trait that I found interest in computers. During my freshman years in high school, I began learning about web design and development. I was able to create a website that could find hotels nearby as my first project. This project proved to be a milestone and a rewarding experience for me because I was able to come up with a project in line with my passions.

What is more astonishing is that I did not begin college studying computer technology as my major course. My family experiences redirected my paths, and I started studying business commerce. I am the first born in our family of four, and my family relocated to Texas years back. Our family is economically depressed, and as a first born, I started working at a young age to support them and my education. These circumstances affected my career choice since I needed a career that would give me instant money, and since my family knows little about computers, they thought I would not be safe taking it as my major. This affected my grades during the first year since I was engaged in a course where my heart did not belong. Instead of studying, I put much of my time working on different jobs- I worked as a customer care assistant, a material handler, and a warehouse assistant.

When I started to notice that my grades were deteriorating, I was determined to study the thing I loved the most; computer technology alongside Mathematics. Up to this point in my decision, it took a whole lot of effort to convince my parents about my choice. I gave them examples of high-tech billionaires like Bill Gates and Evan Spiegel and how they have changed the world with their remarkable tech ideas. I had to convince them also how computing is exciting and attractive in employment in the current world and how technology runs almost every sphere of human existence. I had to promise that they will see me at the top of my class if I study computer science, but I did not just make the promise, I vowed to change not only their lives but also the lives of other people with my computing knowledge.  Following my decision to major in Mathematics and Computer technology, I decided to apply for admission at Texas Tech University.

I chose and want to go to Texas Tech University because everyone that went to study there has been able to express their fascination in engineering, science, and technology in some way. I have discovered a remarkable community of professors and students who I want to share with my experiences. I am eager to see what talents, ideas, and passions they bring to the table and join them as we expand our knowledge as a community of active thinkers. I want to have fun while studying this exciting subject, and the only place I can experience that is at Texas Tech.  Besides, Texas Tech is a world-class University and has been ranked amongst the highest universities, and for this reason, I knew it would have the resources to help me realize my dream.