Application lesson 3

Application lesson 3


The concept here is conscious will. In chapter seven of the book, Briony, sits alone beside an old temple. She moves way far around this temple, and as she does so, she collects a stick and begins to slash. While still there she visualizes every stalk as one of the problems she was experiencing, thus cuts each of them down. She first slashes the trunks that appeared to her as Lola. Each of her annoyances would lead to a lost stalk.

The same way in the excerpt, Briony sits on the floor leaning her back on one of the cupboards. The house was silent, and as she sits there, the thought of how to take good care of her appearance just like Lola crossed her mind. The silence was too much that it murmured in her ears distorting her vision. She was lost in her thoughts, wondering how everything about her came to happen and these thoughts were quite familiar to her.Thoughts about her figures amongst others crossed her mind in a lonely place. She concludes that if all the answers to the questions were a yes, then the social world was complicated, having very many voices with every person’s thought striving in an equal significance hence the idea that one was unique would then be a lie. However, she also thinks that if the answer could be a no, then she is surrounded by intelligent, pleasant enough and machines externally although missing the private and bright feeling she had inside.

The precise is similar with the book and the excerpt in thatit explains conscious will like the feeling that happens for the numerous things that we do, proving to us that it is us who cause our actions. However, according to the article, this feeling may not always be right about what is going on in our brains, bodies, and minds as the actions are created. Wegner tries to emphasize that the concept of conscious will is an insinuation whose contents may not tally with the real factors that tend to cause voluntary actions. From all the differences, then Wegner settles that this concept of conscious will is an illusion. In the two instances, Broiny is overwhelmed by her thoughts and blames herself for everything happening in her life.


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