Application software

Chapter seven of this book is mainly aimed at understanding the specification of application software. The author acknowledges the fact that a large portion of IT purchases are in the form of Application softwares and asserts that one would instead buy a dull system that is effective rather than one that was flashy but not effective. The authors divide the purchase of application software into three categories which include end-user software, custom software and a multi-package which is made up of softwares that support a department, function or a whole organization

It then goes ahead to look at the importance of good software under which it analyzes the significance and dangers of not obtaining the right specifications. The study also looks critically on factors to be considered when coming up with the requirements for a packaged software and asserts that one should look at Business overview, the technical environment, required functionality, required reports, process or data flows, interfaces from and to other systems, security, performance and support requirements and standards. The author then looks at the ways of specifying the requirements to custom software and assert that one should look at the business overview, the required functionality, technical environment, process or data flow diagrams, data model, security, performance and service requirements, and development methodology and environment. The article concludes that the specification of application software in the purchase of IT software is very crucial. It also argues that one requires experience and proper skill to write a suitable software application.

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