Applying Network Models

The minimal spanning technique is a network model that entails determining the path by connecting all the points in a network system while minimizing the total distance between them (Cormen, 2009). The construction companies can apply the technique. For example, Clark Construction Group is planning to develop housing projects in Miami Beach, Florida. There are ten houses, and the management must provide power and water to each house. Therefore, they must find the least expensive way to provide the services. The management will apply the spanning-tree technique to determine the minimum distance that they can use to connect power and water in the ten houses.

The shortest route technique entails determining how an item or person can find the shortest path in a network. It would be significant if the total distance in the network is minimized. It can be applied by the suppliers of various products. For example, Dynamic Furniture Corporation would like to transport its products such as beds, entertainment units, and various furniture items from the warehouse to a particular a shopping mall in the city. However, the distance would involve going through different towns and cities. The Dynamic Furniture Corporation will use the shortest route technique to find the route to transport its products while covering the shortest distance possible.

The maximal flow technique entails finding the maximum amount of substance that can flow through a network. The technique can be applied to a road system. For example, Waukesha Wisconsin is an extremely populated city and would like to develop a road system particularly in the downtown areas. The roads are always congested, and something needs to be done to ensure the flow of traffic is smooth. Therefore, they would like to determine the maximum number of vehicles that can use the roads in the town from north to south. The technique is important in finding the maximum number of cars in the town that can flow from north to south.



Cormen, T. H. (2009). Introduction to algorithms. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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