APU University Application essay

APU University Application essay

The reason I am interested in joining APU University is because of their track record of producing superior graduates who have changed the world with the knowledge they gained at this institution. The institution has a good culture that promotes open-minded thinking among students, and their graduates are bold and confident in expressing themselves within the corporate world. APU University is a diverse institution that has attracted students from all backgrounds, and such an environment will be a perfect place for me to grow my people skills and broaden my understanding of the various nationalities. Considering that the course I intend to pursue at the institution will require me to interact with people from different nationalities, I will need good people skills when practicing my profession in the following years.

I have a passion for the hotel and tourism industry, and I see myself in the next 10 years as an ambassador of sustainable practices that can allow growth and survival of this industry. My love for the tourism industry is influenced by my background and upbringing considering that I was raised in Hawaii which is huge on hospitality. I would also love to protect our environment from poor practices that lead to the depletion of resources and endangers the survival of species and natural resources that attract tourists to various parts of the world. I believe that tourism and hospitality can be used to foster great international relations. That is the topic I intend to research on while undertaking my studies at the “College of Asia Pacific Studies.”

Having lived in Hawaii, I have seen the city receive guests from China, Japan and other parts of the world due to its nice coastal beaches and rich Hawaiian culture. International relations can thus be built by ensuring that tourists receive fair treatment and great experience when they interact with people from a different environment. If the Chinese can appreciate the Japanese culture and traditions, they will be ambassadors of international peace and protection of the environment in every destination in the world. I believe that by joining APS, I will have the right foundation in mastering all these cultures and languages which I need in my forthcoming role as a champion of tourism and the environment.

Another thing that motivates me to join APS as a student in the “College Of Asia-Pacific Studies” is because I feel that some cultures and societies have been misrepresented in the media and would want a chance to change that perception because it hurts international relations. I love Chinese, Japanese and Korean cultures and I believe that if all these cultures are represented in a positive and friendly way in the international media, it can be a stepping stone in fostering international unity and promoting the tourism industry. I want to be more knowledgeable and get to the bottom of each culture around the world so that I can use that understanding to educate people within the hospitality and tourism industry on the importance of incorporating each culture in their services. My understanding of different cultures can easily be found at APS, and I will promote it in the media when I am working as an ambassador and a consultant to the tourism industry. I have experienced different cultures when touring different destinations, and that has spurred my interest in further pursuing such studies at APS. I am sure that my enrollment will lead to the acquisition of substantial knowledge in tourism, environmental and international relations that will enable me to be a great professional in those fields.

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