Architect Norman Foster was born in the year 1935 and is an English architect. He owns a company named Foster and partners which has maintained an international design way of practice over the years. He has also built numerous landmark building in the United Kingdom during his years of active practice as an architect. Norman is one of Britain’s most creative architects and in the year 1999, he received the Pritzker Architecture award which is often known as the architectural Nobel price. In the year 2009, his company Foster and partners received for the arts category named as the ‘Prince of Asturias Awards.’

In the early years of his practice, Foster’s designs adopted a complex and high technology vision which was influenced by machines. Over the years, his design style has changed into a sharp-edged modern design approach. In 2004, he designed the world’s tallest bridge Millau Viaduct located in Southern France. He is also a board member for the architectural charity who are involved in developing sustainable designs, construction management of structures in various parts of the world.  Foster is also a member who is also a board of trustee in the Architecture Foundation.

Some of the major projects he has done include the design of the Apple campus located in Cupertino, McLaren technology center and a Monaco Yacht club among others. Architect Norman Foster has currently set up a foundation named after his name which promotes research and interdisciplinary thinking to help the upcoming generations of designers, architects. One of the architect’s most prolific projects is City Hall, London which is the headquarters of the great London Authority. (image attached below).

Fig. 1 (,_London)


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