Architecture and language


Architecture is a conceptual aspect where a software system is found in word documents but driven by changing technology (Chomsky and Mukherji, 2006). It implies that the language of architecture changes with innovation and invention that aligns the field of architecture. Style of architecture allows the system to be tangible when describing the architectural building blocks as well as the concrete systems. It will enable the concepts to be realistic in the real world. Therefore, architectural language can be described as a set of clear terms that are used to talk about the system from an architectural perspective.

Stakeholders in architecture have to agree on the formal terms and their meaning, which become part of the architectural language. It encircles technical and nontechnical terms to build an official architectural language. All these terms require the notion of components which act as making blocks to create functionality. Architectural language involves terms that describe systems, functions, and instances.

Artificial structures are a result of architecture which communicates and express myriad thoughts, designs, and decisions (ECSA, Ali and Gorton, 2010). Communicating architecture involves a complex and varied process in a project’s life. Communication between clients and contractors varies in great lengths. During the initial stages of a project, a client will require to explain in great lengths. On later stages of the project, legal communication will narrow down to specificity.  Expression in architecture means the architectural significance of materials and methods. Characteristics of materials express the design techniques which are in the material composition. Thus architectural expression is based on polishing, drafting, and rustication of stone, indentation, entire surface, and smoothness emphasizes thinness. An example of expression include carvings that serve as the structure at the building.


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