Are we as human beings inherently good or inherently evil?

  1. Are we as human beings inherently good or inherently evil?

Human beings are inherently good. The intrinsic goodness human beings possess is founded from the doctrines they follow such asreligion. Religion can either be of Christian origin or Confucianism. Whenone is born, he or she does not subscribe to any evil. At birth, they allhave virtues that define who isa good human. What defines a human’straits as good or evilis the kind of problems or living conditions he or she gets exposed to. The environment one is raised, the type of education one receives influences the good or evil virtues in them. Thus, when an individual is exposed to good things, he or she inherently becomes a good person. No genes are intrinsically good or evil. What defines inherently good or evil is the kind of impact an individual face from the outside. Thus, good or evil influencescome from the outside of an individual’s behavior. It’s true, as time caves overthe years, the nature of an individual may worsen, but it doesn’t stem from birth. At an individual’s birth, their good or evil nature is ideal. Therefore, it’s the external factors that change the nature of a man or woman. According to Mencius  (81)“Without the Heart of Humanity and Duty alive in us, how we can be human?” hence, its by constitution that renders us good.

  1. Are we as human beings becoming increasingly less human [more mechanical] through the use of technology and its influence on us?

“A Thing Like Me”was written by Nicholas Carr. Carr (131) states that “We became a lot more scientific.” He goes on to say that, “we became a bit more mechanical as well (131).” In  (p. 132), he states that “Whenever we use a tool to exert greater control over the outside world, we change our relationship.” It’s true that human being has developed so much in terms of inventions. As they evolve, they grow into mechanical beings and less of being human more so; when they get to hold on technology. Technology helps humanity to develop very fast. Technology and scientific progression are inevitable for human beings. These two processes are intertwined with humanity, hence inseparable. Thus, we really can’t tell the role of computerization in human development. The abilities of a person are infinite; therefore, when they lose a thing due to science, they tend to invent a newer one. Thus, these processesalways come with more unique items that can define the nature of a human being. Marc in the video tries to compare the nature of humanity and that of a computer. He says that human nature doesn’t belong to getting inherently evil or inherently good. Marc says that all we should put into consideration when it pertains to human nature is the conditions of operations and the environment in which they exist. It’s these two things that influence their behavior and conditions of living substantially. Computers are inanimate things. People are creating these technological advancementspeople, hence, things such as computers can’t have any substantive influence on human beings. The comparison between human to a pencil or table by Marc is groundless. There should be no similarities between a man and a pencil or a table. Humans are the one who made these things; hence, can’t make something that has the same traits ashim. God created humans and other creaturesGod. God himself is a higher being and incomparable with human beings. We should ask ourselves the following; if you had the same powers as God, would you by chance have made a world filled with a lot of injustice as ours?


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