Argumentative Essay: Time to Stop Saving and Spend at the Moment

Argumentative Essay: Time to Stop Saving and Spend at the Moment

In reality, people have those activities that they engage in so that they can get money since money is essential in every person’s life. However, there are those people who prefer to save what they have earned rather than spending it extensively. Besides, others prefer spending their money exhaustively rather than saving it for the future. At most times, those who save much of their earnings are depicted as being wise. Still, such people are the ones who end up not spending even in emergency times. Also, their minds are always stuck on saving that they cannot make any wise decision in life. As shown earlier, nowadays everything needs money to be successful. Therefore, most of the money savers rarely experience good moments in their lives. Anyway, why save all your life and only die without spending the money appropriately?

Firstly, saving money limits people in undertaking even those crucial activities or emergencies that require capital (Brecknridge, &Diner, 2018). For example, a person may have a chest problem and fail to see a doctor due to the fear of being charged for the service which is common to many people. Later on, the chest problem worsens to a worse condition such as bronchitis which is more expensive to treat. Since everyone wishes to live longer, the person will have to spend more than he/she expected to get well to proceed with the normal saving. In such a case, the attempt to save for the future by ignoring simple emergencies leads to a bigger problem which requires more income. As a result, all the intended savings will depreciate to low amounts which can be a great disappointment to the person.

Secondly, saving money limits people to make strong decisions, especially decisions that need income. Money savers will always want to make decisions that do not need a lot of income. For example, someone may try to save money for the future by hiring a cheaper contractor to build a house. Due to poor skills, the resultant building becomes too weak, and it is swept away by strong floods. This might even cause severe outcomes such as loss of lives of those who reside in the building. In the end, the person will have to spend more income by trying to come up with a new building. In essence, making decisions with the aim of limiting the income to use in a project prevents people from realizing the risks of cheap and unreliable skills (Hellman et al., 2018). They only come to realize when the risk becomes a reality. Thus, trying to save is one way of facing risks because of most risks results of poor spending of the available capital.

More so, saving money makes one miss nice experiences such as going for trips, adventures, picnics, and even photo shooting events. Such an experience makes a person’s life interesting and memorable. However, those who are into the idea of saving for the future would rather keep their money in the bank than withdraw it to spend on a picnic. Since such events substantiate people’s happiness, missing them can result in a sad and lonely life. It is also known that living a social life is healthy and people only get to socialize when the meet in parties, on trips, and during celebrations (Durante, &Laran, 2016). All these events need a lot of income to so that one can enjoy them. In short, money savers will not engage in such a life since they are not always ready to spend maximally. Therefore, they do not get the opportunity to socialize.

On the same note, people who save money do so that they can enjoy in the future. What is the need of saving consistently without spending yet no one knows what the future holds? Besides, what is the essence of saving all the money only to realize later when in the 90s that life is money is important when one is still young? Most people live and die cheaply only to realize at their funerals that they possessed a lot of money in multiple banks. This shows that saving consistently without spending has no apparent benefit even in the future.

In conclusion, people should realize that it is time to spend at the moment rather than saving for the future which is not even clear. Spending appropriately helps one to avoid emergencies that could have resulted from ignoring to spend on simple issues. Also, spending money maximally enables one to make decisions wisely, especially those that are linked with money. Only those people who spend their earned money enjoy lives since they can go anywhere to experience the new environments. On the other hand, saving up to old age without spending will make a person regret making poor decisions by stacking a lot of money in the bank without spending. Therefore, it is better to spend at the moment than save for the future.



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