Arnold, History, Ch. 2

Arnold, History, Ch. 2

Arnold discusses the history of the past 2000 years to educate the audience on how events occurred during those years. Also, he wanted to arrange the sequence of events in chronological order for the readers to understand. Besides, he wanted the readers to use it as a basis of predicting future events. This is because sometimes history repeats itself. The historians who wrote between these dates had similar features since they used oral tradition to collect data.

Apart from culture and language historians can be can be distinguished by the times in which they collected their information. Another factor is the artifacts that they used in their research. Ultimately, they can be distinguished using their data collection methods.

Arnold explores the principle of time because it is essential in the study of history. Some things might remain static while others may change with time. However, many things can adjust as time goes by. This is the reason people study history to understand how time has changed the world. The people in the past understood that time could bring change in society. It is the reason why the contemporary world is different from ancient times.

Arnold emphasizes that it is essential to rely on truth and time because they give accurate information about a specific matter. Therefore, honesty is vital while writing of history because it will provide facts about a particular issue. Time is also essential while writing history because it gives a sequence of events and the period they occurred. Therefore, without stating time, it will be difficult to know when something happened. Moreover, historical records that are recorded without indicating the period can create confusion.


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