Art Appreciation

Part 1

If current trends are anything to go by, then a renaissance occurring in a culture would be a positive thing. The society would be freed from the traditional way of viewing things. The people’s social skin would change to fit the complex and potentially wonderful times of the present. A renaissance would result to the free expression of the people and would result to the giving way of the old values of racism, exploitation of nature, patriarchy, and giving way to new values of human rights, ecological awareness, gender equality, and nonviolence.

The digital revolution is one of the renaissances that have occurred in the past 20 years.  Internet protocol suite was conceived in the year 1982, and by 1995, the internet was accessible to all who had access to the different technology. From 1995, the performance of microprocessors has more and more increased throughout the years. Software as well as hardware has progressed at a very high rate that systems became obsolete. Concerning communication, in the year 1993 only one percent of communication was facilitated by the internet. However, by 2007, almost 99 percent of communication taking place in the world is through the World Wide Web. Internet cables have been laid all across and throughout the globe to allow for faster and improved and better communication. Platforms such as Skype and SMS messaging have also rendered real time communication aneveryday part of a persons life.

Part 2

A renaissance can be caused by a myriad of factors which align themselves to change the perspective of the society towards the status quo. This can include a hunger for discovering something new, the development of a new invention that facilitates the pursuance of a new ideology or thought, a political situation or dogma, the development of a new manner of thinking and approach towards the world. Another cause of a rebirth can be war and peace.

A renaissanceis a good thing for a culture. During a renaissance, humanity is revealed in a new light. Creative is enhanced. Many of life challenges are facilitated by the development of new inventions that makes previously unthought-of of ideas possible. However, a renaissance can have a negative effect of causing great chaos, between the people who are benefiting from the current state and those who want change.

The American society is presently experiencing a renaissance. The values of the American people are evolving rapidly toward a closer fit with reality. There is a declining wave of “older values” and the ascending of a wave of new “values.” The American people are living in an age of accelerated cultural growth. This can be exhibited by actions and changes such as; now America has an African-American man as the president, the country’s global ambassador is a woman, who also came very close to being the president, social and economic justice have become the most significant themes in the modern global conversation, and there is now a rise in religious fundamentalism,



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