Art Gallery Exhibition

The art gallery exhibition is all about abstract painting. These are forms of paintings that are produced without any visual references from the world. The exhibition tends to demonstrate painters involved with this form of painting and works that they have produced as a result. Based on the paintings displayed at the exhibition, the painters attempt to convey concrete form to invisible things.

The exhibition accords people the opportunity to have various experiences. From the look of it, the people visiting the art gallery exhibition seem to be confronting mystery in one way or another. Most people that I met in the gallery seemed to be appreciative of the paradox and ambiguity presented by paintings that were on display. The paintings involved did not have any form of imagery. However, the paintings were an indication that painters can still make salient and brave choices in their work.

There were several paintings from the show that I found interesting. “Untitled 11” was among them. This artwork has been painted by Tom Herberg; who has developed a number of abstract paintings in the past. This painting seems to demonstrate humanity’s aspect that shows an element of agitation. This is because there are various disruptions that can be observed throughout the painting. This form of disruption is quite relevant to Herberg’s famous saying that “You have to add confusion, or it does not look right.”

This painting also demonstrates some aspects of uncertainty. There is a demonstration of a path that seems to lead from one point to another, but it is not outright. It is full of curves and other attributes showcasing elements of confusion. This might be an indication of the difficulties that people might have to encounter in life before they can actualize their goals.

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