Art History Quiz 32

Europe and America in the Early Twentieth Century

  1. Communism, fascism and capitalism
  2. The military build-up of World War II

Early Modern Art in Europe

  1. Africa
  2. Georges Braque
  3. Natural world and the nude body
  4. Italy
  5. Photomontage

Modernist Tendencies in America

  1. Romanticized urban scenes
  2. Flowers
  3. To establish photography as a form of fine art

Early Modern Architecture

  1. Woolworth building
  2. Prairie Style
  3. Integration into the surrounding environment
  4. Degeneracy

Art between the Wars in Europe

  1. Release the subconscious to create art
  2. Gerrit Rietveld’s Schroder House
  3. Biomorphic sculptural forms
  4. Textiles
  5. Andre Breton

Modern Art in the Americas between the wars

  1. Photography
  2. Ingest European culture, let it strengthen their Brazilianness, then get rid of it
  3. Regionalism
  4. Brazil
  5. Canada

Postwar art in Europe and the Americas

  1. Zips
  2. David Smith
  3. Squeezing pain directly from tube to canvas and spreading it with a palette knife
  4. Willem de Kooning

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