Art History quiz

Prehistoric Art build social alliances

  1. building settlements with megalithic architecture
  2. The site shows that art and architecture served a social and historical function in the Neolithic period
  3. their burial in groups mimics human burials
  4. prehistoric objects were not made as art
  5. painted narrative imagery on interior walls
  6. They have stone foundations
  7. tin
  8. casting
  9. absolute dating

Art of the Ancient Near East keep records of trade and commercial exchange

  1. an Apadana
  2. It was the first known document regulating laws and punishments in society
  3. the horned headdress
  4. the images shows Hammurabi as a god, thus giving greater authority to the text
  5. rhythmic composition and increased naturalism***
  6. the multicultural style of art combining different traditions
  7. focus on an emotional event

Art of Ancient Egypt

1.the monumental scale of the figure

  1. on papyrus scrolls
  2. height
  3. create an organized and ideal system for depicting human figures
  4. Khafre
  5. served propaganda for the ruler’s authority
  6. the skin was blackened with dark paint or powdered makeup
  7. the political and cultural stability under the Egyptian dynasties
  8. small, sealed room in a mastaba that housed the ka statue
  9. using changes in hue to affect three-dimensionability

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