Article Analysis: Just Graduated, and Fumbling Through a First Job

Article Analysis: Just Graduated, and Fumbling Through a First Job

The article, “Just Graduated, and Fumbling Through a First Job” by Alina Tugend (2014) is informative. A lot of people do not know what to do during their job interviews, and the article clearly explains what needs to be done. It informs newbies on what is required to have a successful job interview. The information in the article is an eye-opener because as the author states, a lot of people are so confident about what they can do. According to Tugend (2014), people place their confidence on hard skills and ignore the soft skills, for example, teamwork and self-motivation. The employees tend to be very eager to show off what they can do, and employers mostly take the advantage to have them work more for less, this is an eye-opener.

Showing that an employee is interested in the business helps the employer trust him. An interest in the job can be shown on the cover letter and job application by first having researched about the company. If you indicate that you already have the information about what the business is about even before getting employed, it is positive for you. During an interview, you could phrase your words in a way that involves the company, while also sharing how you could be a part of making the business a success. As a new employee, you can learn about how the business does its advertising and marketing, asking about the floor design and employee retention would show your employer that you are interested in the business (Tugend, 2014).

The suggestions offered are very fundamental for a person who does not know what to do during an interview or job applications, and even as a new employee. The information on the article helps a new employee focus on what is necessary and not waste time on what is unnecessary. Being so eager to showcase your skills will have you working more than you ought to and for lesser pay. A new employee should learn to figure out the “line between being too passive and too aggressive,” (Tugend, 2014). The question I would ask the professionals is what a person should do if the employer seems to be taking advantage of him in the workplace.



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