Article on zeus and trump

President Donald J. Trump and Greek god Zeus are great men with a lot of responsibilities. They are rulers and most influential individuals. President Donald J. Trump is the president of the most powerful nation on earth, the United States of America, the world’s most significant super power. Zeus is the ruler of the gods. He is king of Mount Olympus, which is the home of Greek gods, where he executed his will on gods and humans. President Trump has exercised his powers and sanctioned Iran to stop making nuclear weapons. This has sailed through, and Iran is seeking a new deal with the U.S.A regarding nuclear power dealings. As the most powerful president on earth Trump have visited North Korea and negotiated with its president to stop its atomic missiles testing and production. This saw talks begin North Korea and South Korea aimed at peace talks between the two countries.

How these two rose to positions of power is phenomenal. Zeus defeated titans to reign over Olympus. Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded Olympians. On Trump’s part although he seemed like an inexperienced politician in the Republican Party, he went ahead and defeated well-established politicians and became the Republicans party’s presidential candidate. Becket Adams of Washington Examiner reported that ABC News political analyst Mathew Dowd left many viewers confused after he compared the rise of Donald j. Trump to the story of Zeus and the Titans of Greek mythology.  He later went on to defeat Hilary Clinton, another strong-willed politician who had been in politics for a long time and held powerful dockets in the government.

Their personality blends well and seamlessly. They are unpredictable and got quite a bad temper — President Donald j. Trump is unpredictable. An article in psychology today states, the personality of Donald Trump, with his ups and downs – and tweets – generates, more than anything mistrust. And unpredictability is a risk when it comes to a public figure with so much power. Through his twitter handle president Trump mostly sparks controversy with his tweets. When he is angered by a person or an issue he starts twitter wars. Zeus would intervene in conflicts where anything else but fate seemed to take over. He also punished humans for receiving a gift of fire from Prometheus. He also sent lightning bolts to cause Odysseus’ ship to sink. He is unpredictable due to his anger and willingness to let fate create things to happen.

These two characters have been associated with marital affairs. Various sexual allegations have been brought forward against Trump. At least 22 women have raised charges against Trump since 1970s. Business Insider reports that Trump has acknowledged a $130,000 hush payment given to Stormy Daniels, which she was paid just before the 2016 elections to keep quiet about an affair she had with Trump a decade earlier. Zeus had extramarital affairs. He mated with many goddesses and mortals although he was married to Hera, a goddess of marriage and monogamy.

President Trump is usually and widely noticed of his blonde hair and eyebrows and red tie. He is represented with this signature hairstyle look, whereas Zeus is portrayed long hair and black-bearded signature look. Each one of them has a distinctive look which they can be described with. It’s this look which makes them stand out and be recognized among others. These distinguish the two men from others. These looks are part of how the masses view and know them.