Article Reading Response Paper

Article Reading Response Paper

Q 1

In his article ‘How Democratic is The America Constitution?’ Robert Dahl argues that the American Constitution is not the only source of democracy for an American democratic system. According to him, the Framers of the constitution were fearful of direct democracy and thus ended up forming a representative democracy. Ganesh Sitaraman in his article ‘Our Constitution Wasn’t Built for This’ argues that the American constitution was not written to defend a society with profound economic inequality that concentrates so much wealth at the top.

Q 2

While both Dahl and Sitaraman have different ways in which they view the American constitution, they give strong points to back up their arguments. Their claims appear to come from well researched and factual resources giving their readers more insight into the political world of the American nation. Robert Dahl and Ganesh Sitatraman clearly state well-articulated points that drive them to a conclusio

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