Article Review on Cinderella and her stepsisters

Question 4

Cinderella’s stepsisters and their mother mistreat Cinderella her to their utmost levels with no cause for such uncouth behavior to her. Cinderella is beautiful that her stepmother and her children. Cinderella beautifulness makes the stepmother to seclude her from going to parties because Cinderella is more attractive than her daughters. She is given many house chores to keep her busy and deter her from going to the parties.

Cinderella was good and kind to her stepsisters although they treated her in an uncouth manner. Cinderella maintains a cheerful attitude and positivity in the heart.  Her sisters, however, did not show any sign of love to her. The stepsisters treat her as a servant. However, Cinderella does not become bitter with their actions to her. Instead, Cinderella befriends small creatures and spends time with the creatures’instead of showing bitterness to her evil stepsisters.

Cinderella’s stepsisters: Anastancia and Drizella are lazy, jealous and selfish characters. Not only do they mistreat her and force her to do very many house chores but also harass her as when Cinderella’s friends purchase her a dress, her cruel stepsisters go ahead and tear the clothing. Cinderella responds to this by being hardworking and does not complain. She does all the household chores and deals with the mistreatment in a very constructive way.

Cinderella treats her stepsisters with compassion and cares for them. Although her stepsisters force her to live in poverty and mistreat her, she does not take this seriously and finds out alternative was of finding pleasure with her life. She endures the mistreatments by her stepsister as she maintains an optimistic attitude towards them.

Cinderella respects her stepsisters and maintains integrity with them. When her stepsisters tear the dress that was made for Cinderella by her friends, she does not become cruel to them, she keeps quiet and does not show despair. Cinderella maintains a positive attitude towards her stepsisters although they were unkind to her and mistreated her without any cause.

Question 5

The author’s purpose in the last two paragraphs is to deduce the teachings that can be obtained from the story of Cinderella and her stepsisters. The author depicts Cinderella as a beautiful woman who is always admired and treasure in society. The author then illustrates o how the mistreatment of Cinderella by her stepmother modeled her into being a queen. The mistreatment strengthened her not to be in despair easily and to endure hard situations of life. This is the beauty that the author talks about and not physical appearance. The author, therefore, advises the young women to be gracious in their characters if at all they wanted to win a heart. The author elaborates to young women that graciousness is more critical than physical beauty.

The author advises readers to ensure that in their struggle for success, they do not obtain blessings form their parents. However, he goes further by saying that the grace does not just come for free, one must practice common sense, be intelligence in their actions, be courageous and enhance good breeding. The author refers to the traits that Cinderella had alongside the blessings of the fairies that made her keen to endure the mistreatment from her step family. The author warns of failure if one has these traits but does not obtain blessings from their parents.

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