Article review: Reading and Video Review (SWOT Analysis)

Article review: Reading and Video Review (SWOT Analysis)


The augmentation and enhancement of human beings through cyborg applications has tremendous importance to human beings. They can gain extra body parts that they can use in their day to day lives. For instance, having magnet implants will enable the person to detect magnetic fields, pick metallic items and ferrous test materials. Having antennas may allow people to experience what they see in the form of waves. The applications act as complements to human body parts and would enable people to do things that their natural body may not (Herr, 2014). People with biological deficiencies may enhance their functionality through cyborg applications. Equally having elements like microchips may assist in GPRS tracking. Cyborgs are thus a reality today.


The weakness of cyborgs is that it is not always easy to adopt. The technologies adopted are also expensive. In some cases, they may be used to harm humanity. Having implants may result in infection and other challenges (THECGBROS, 2014).


There is an opportunity to employ cyborg technologies to enhance aspects of human life. Use of microchip implants in the brain may help in coordination of artificial limbs implanted on people. It may also assist in recording and views. It is true that embedding technology to human beings may enhance their performance (THECGBROS, 2014). There are high chances that technology will solve social challenges. Machines attached to human bodies will make them stronger.



Cyborgs concept raises some ethics challenges (Fest, 2013). For instance, it may result in the replacement of natural human operations with technology-based applications.  Hacking of implanted computer devises may also lead in the wrong computer-based social control that may threaten human survival.


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