Article Review and Reflection: Ethical Leadership

Article Review and Reflection: Ethical Leadership


The article is an analysis of the basis of ethical leadership with an emphasis on the moral foundations of the process. Perhaps, the paper seems to be based on the axiom that ethical leadership is an active and dynamic process of change rather than a passive and constant state. Accordingly, Hester & Killian, (2012) base their arguments on the basic fact that the discarding of past practices does not necessarily translate into principled leadership. In fact, the outcome of ethical leadership does not require the discarding of past practices in totality regardless of whether they were bad or good. Instead, good leadership is dependent on a combination of different outcomes including and not limited to the analysis of past practices.

In the article, the writers discuss a process of change through which principled leadership is attained within organizations. In this regard, the significance of applying only what is good about the past is clearly emphasized. This way, the paper renders the process of principled leadership as an active task of applying the good while disregarding the bad in the past. In addition to this step, the article dictates that effective leaders must embark on a journey of eliminating their self interests in shaping organizational ethics. Ultimately, leaders are able to achieve principled leadership through the integration of passion into value-based contemporary leadership. By focusing on the use

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