Arts Field Trip Assignment

A visit to the museum of modern art was the best idea for the mid-term trip. It is located in New York and has a variety of artwork that has been stored for many years.  My main focus was on the drawing art which expressed a lot of m meaning to the audient based on a critical analysis of the message that the picture was portraying. The event opened the mind for the dark history of the American society based on the way the significant artists expressed their concerns based on the artistical drawings.

The main reason why it was worth visiting the museum was based on the fact that it displayed a lot of artifacts that were useful for the understanding of the history of the country, based on the past relations of the population. This factor made it interesting since the displays were subjects of interpretation and understanding by the individual. The main reason for the negative side of the event was the fact that there was a more clear explanation for most displays, even though, based on past information, they were subjects of interpretations. The attractive central part of the event was a display of a drawing showing the different races against each other and was fighting will weapons. It sent a picture to be on how the American society portrayed by Faith Ringgold (1930 to 1957) on his artistic drawing of expressing the racial issues in the country at her period. It represented a period when the racial riot was the order of the day. This made the artist to express her concern on her drawing based on the killing which was based on the racial fights. The artist, therefore, shows that there was no hope for the end of the riot since the hatred is still a component of the life of the American society. It shows a period where America was on the verge of a racial mutiny and endless and hopeless killings that affected both the young and the old generations of the country.This, therefore, made the event so educative and expanded my mind on the dark side of America and the reason for the existence of racial hatred in the country.

The field trips are one of the most critical aspects of the education system. It helps to expose the students to reality based on what is available. It expands knowledge and breaks the class monotony. The field trip that, I went to was an important one since it helped me to understand the dark history of  America based on an artistical expression in the museum. It is a way of promoting integrative learning and allows student s to interact with knowledge based on the field application of the experience.

The event, therefore, becomes one of the best field trips to my students since it will help them to understand the real history of America.  The game is connected to the historical occurrence of the country based on the struggle for equality and free from racial discrimination in the country. Exposing the students to such exhibition will not only help them in their exams but also instill a clear understanding of the need to end the racial discrimination in the country. It is a trip meant for the junior secondary scholars since they are at the position to understand the American historical events and the structure of the society.

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