Arvel Smart, Accounting Major Case 4.6

Question 1

Arvel did not have an obligation to inform the accounting firms in St. Louis that he already had an outstanding offer from a Big Four practice in Kansas City before undertaking an interview with them. There was no requirement that he would become a permanent employee upon accepting the internship offer at the Big Four firm. In addition, Arvel had not accepted the offer from the company yet. As a result, this was just an offer, and there was no any contract involved.  In case he had accepted the offer it would have been a different situation as here he would be obliged to disclose. Arvel had not yet established exactly what he wanted to do. Undertaking the interview while having another offer on the table only meant that he was keeping his options open. He had the option of changing his mind regarding the Big Four firm since he had not yet accepted the offer.


Question 2

No. The actions portrayed by Arvel were not unethical. Whatever he received from Big Four was just an offer, and he was not bound to accept the offer. It was upon him to make the decision. Having several job options cannot be regarded as being unethical since there is no existence of a contract with any of the firms. If Arvel had already accepted the offer from the Big Firm, now it would be different. Arvel did not even have the knowledge that the St. Luis firm gave internships to students that they thought had the interest of working in the firm in the long-run.

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