Asian Philosophy: Buddhism

Buddhism has proven a powerful cultural influence across the world since its institution more than 2500 years ago. Many people have gradually accepted it due to its mindful meditation. Buddhism focuses on helping humans attain their spiritual liberation which happens by awakening their mind and awareness from the bondage of delusion, hatred, and greed. It creates faith in people, offering them the mental ability to relinquish their ego and attain spiritual liberation and awakening. When individuals cultivate their mental capacities, they attain compassion and insights (Wong et al. 73). Human life involves a lifespan of suffering, and through this misery, people achieve inner peace. Accordingly, Buddhists consider physical and mental suffering vital aspects of the concept of inner peace.

People attain inner peace when their mind is at a complete state of open-minded consciousness. When they experience mental and physical suffering, individuals have a pure mind free of worldly defilements. With such a state, they realize intelligence, wisdom, and unconditional compassion and love (Wong et al. 73).  Suffering also allows people to realize their true self-nature and the nature of the mind. It brings out their sensitivity to the unfulfilling nature of the existence of humans (Siderits 18). Given this, individuals resolve to seek life truths that might save them from such suffering, attaining inner peace.

Buddhists view mental and physical suffering as forms of purification. They cleanse people from the physical and mental evils of ignorance, aversion, and craving. Due to this, pain transforms individuals’ consciousness into an absolute state of insightful awareness. It also exposes humans on the need for unconditioned compassion and love. They gain much understanding of the nature of humanity’s existence and the laws of causality. People learn universal truths, and through suffering, they understand their oneness wither others (Wong et al. 74). Indeed, pain frees people from the bonds of false ego to attain inner peace.

Buddhism teachings enable individuals to realize the primary source of their mental and physical suffering (Siderits 19). Once they recognize such sources, they can develop a coping mechanism, which is through personal transformation, spiritual enlightenment, and discipline. Personal change leads to inner peace since it frees people from suffering and distress. When they dispel aversion, craving, confusion, and ignorance, their mental consciousness attains a state of perfect peace, compassion, and serenity (Wong et al. 75). Psychological and physical suffering also expose people to the need for meditation, wisdom, morality, and spiritual and personal transformation (Siderits 20). By practicing Buddhist teachings, people attain high levels of awareness and mental concentration; hence, they become compassionate and unselfish.

Buddhists value the major role that mental and physical suffering plays in ensuring that people attain a high state of inner peace. They associate human life with endless pain. By ending such misery, individuals achieve inner happiness and calmness. When people ignore the truth, they cause suffering. Usually, humans prefer things that are desirable such as success and pleasure but reject undesirable aspects like failure and pain. The need for good health and wealth compels them to reject illnesses, misfortune, and pain despite their inevitability in their daily lives. The rejection, aversion, and fear that people show to such things cause suffering. Through acceptance, they can overcome their suffering and attain inner peace. By embracing Buddhism, people can become mentally aware, causing them to be compassionate.

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