Assignment 2.2

Currently, the cyber risk is at the top of the international agenda due to high-profile breaches which have raised fears that security failures and hacks endanger personal and public assets.  People tend to value their privacy as well as protection of individual spheres of life, and indeed they are against their personal information from being accessible to anyone. In my opinion, a regulated organization or a government can impose cybersecurity measures to protect private and personal assets from possible breach by hackers as this could compromise the security of the general public (Gabel, 2015).  In support of my rationale, the recent advancements in the field of information technology threaten the privacy of individual assets as an individual may lack advanced technologies to protect their assets.  In this case, a government agency can come into place to enhance the cybersecurity of personal assets.

The 21st century is perceived as a century of big data as well as advanced technologies which can allow processing and storage of large data.  Therefore, individuals may lack adequate technology to protect the processing and storage of huge assets data thus necessitating government and organizations to come into place to impose cybersecurity framework for personal assets.  In my thinking, not all frameworks imposed by organizations and government can undermine the privacy of personal data, and thus cybersecurity should be perceived as broad-level responsibility of individuals, government, and organizations as long as the framework prevents harm and possible violation of privacy (Gabel, 2015).  Furthermore, ‘National Institute of Standards and Technology’ as US government agency has been successful in imposing a framework that protects critical infrastructure for both personal and public assets thus improving current cybersecurity profile.




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