Assignment 2: Providing Quality Service

Any business that invests in the offering of quality services is always destined to meet the demands of the customers as well as remaining competitive in the market. Measurements of the offering of improved customer services depend on the benefits that the business gets as compared to the results that they expected. It is vital for every business that aims to improve the quality of services to make sure they recruit the right talent and professionals to help them achieve the goal. It is always the tendency of the customers to compare the services that they get with whatever perception of services that they expected to receive(Walker, 2013). In the hospitality industry, it is no different, and managers should look into the specific details that they need to make the experience a better one. The hospitality industry revolves around the interaction with guests and with the lack of enough or qualified staffs some high rates of turnover may be experienced.

Guest Involvement

The primary and critical players in the provision of quality services in the hospitality industry are the staff members. It is advisable for hotels or guests to place to use some of their staffs as experimental tools as a way to forecast the experience of the services before the actual customers begin to chip in. This helps in identifying the challenges and the gaps that may be existing and gives the hotel management some time to solve them(Lu et al., 2015). All the guests and staffs should be involved in finding a solution where it should be addressed promptly and efficiently. In cases where the guests provide negative feedback about a particular hospitality facility, this may cause a lot of harm to it both in the short term and the long term.

Another way that can be used in involving the guests is through different social networking platforms. Everything in the 21st century is becoming technological, and one of the most significant ways that the hotels are using to interact with their clients and guests is through social media. In these platforms, the guests are given the freedom to give their feedback on how their experience was and how the services can be improved. Another way of interacting and involving the guests is by the use of comment cards. With the cards, the guest’s gives comments and feedback on whether they received the services they expected and how the experience was(Namin, 2017). The use of surveys and reviews also give the guests and clients the opportunity to comment, give a review as well as state what they liked or did not like in the hospitality facility they were. From there it is the work of the staff and the management to consider all the feedback from the guests whether positive or negative and work on them to make sure that the services they offer can hit a notch higher.

Service standards to meet customer expectations

Sufficient and desired are the two levels that are used to measure customer satisfaction. To begin with the desired satisfaction, it is the satisfaction that the customer so much wishes to get after seeking for hospitality services. The sufficient satisfaction, on the other hand, is the one that the customer finds sufficient and calls it acceptable. It is the perception of every customer that the more money they pay for any service in a hotel the higher the level of quality services and satisfaction they will get. With that in mind, the hotels should be very cautious with the prices that they set for their services and altogether avoid the instances of exaggeration. They should make sure that the services they offer are what every customer would expect and for a start, this may earn them some loyalty from the different customers.

A second standard way of meeting customer satisfaction is through the empowering of the staff members. Most of the service delivery is done by the staff members and giving them the confidence they deserve and encouraging them to dedicate themselves to service provision is an advantage. When the staff members are empowered, negative scenarios such as those of frustrated guests and customer neglect becomes minimal(Namin, 2017). Staff members should be given the freedom to make decisions and supervise them for the more substantial part gives them motivation. This motivation is in turn directed to the service provider to the customers where they will be satisfied at all times. Failure to motivate and empower the staff members may lead to them becoming reluctant in their day to day activities. This is very dangerous to the achievement of customer satisfaction where the possibility of receiving complains will also be high.

Wow Factor to the Two Standards

Most hotels have different ways which they use to meet the expectations of their customers. However, it is important to note that the practices are not enough alone but should be accompanied by a wow factor. The wow factor is that unique thing or service that makes the hotel to stand out among the rest when it comes to comparisons. Determining the appropriate wow factor begins with a more profound thought of the little things that would make the customers happy. Another consideration is getting to understand the type of guests that the hotel is likely to receive frequently. Guests might be from the low, middle or high-class levels and each of them may require different wow factors(Walker, 2013).

One wowing factor to accompany the standards is offering extra services for free on top of what the guests or customers have paid for. This is a good strategy where the customers will get some bonus for choosing to seek services in that particular hotel. One of the extra free services would be that of providing the guests with some free Wi-Fi for internet connections. This would save the customers some few coins which they would have used in the purchase of the regular data bundles. Another example of an extra service would be the provision of hot showers or free which would not be included in the standard charges. Additionally, the hotel may decide to offer different types of pillows according to the client’s preference and provide them with the chance to choose the satisfaction they would want. With the mentioned additional services among others, it would be hard for a customer to resist coming back to the hotel again in the future because they were wow the previous time that they were there.

Providing Information

On top of wowing the customers, it is also essential to provide adequate information to the guests. Over half the guests who seek accommodation services in the hotels are mostly new to the area and may lack the know-how of the surroundings and how things are run. This information is supposed to be provided to them by the hotel staffs who are supposed to be trained on the communication skills with the guests(Lu et al., 2015). This makes it easier for them to pass information to them on whatever issue that they may be eager to know. The management of the hotels should also recruit staff members who are from different diversities especially for those hotels that accommodate people from different countries in the world. Communication and passing of information would then become easier especially when guests get staff members who understand their home languages better.

One way that I would recommend the hospitality industry to adapt in the passing of information to their guests is through the use of the media and the internet. This may take several ways where they may use the media sources to advertise their hotels and make them known. Also by the user of the hotel’s website they may upload every information and detail about the hotel and make it available to the different guests who would like to see their services. Also, social media sites and blogs are a good passer of information where it can reach as many people as possible. Lastly, word of mouth can also be effective although not as effective as the use of the media internet. Wowing the guests would make them pass this information to their families and friends who would also gain the interest to seek the services.


Food service and hospitality is an essential department in any company. Choosing the choice to be taken in regards to supplying food service is a necessary aspect to the organization and the policymakers as well. Choosing an alternative that works for the organization will be vital in minimizing wastages and streamlining operations for the organization. Contracting the services to an outsourcing company will be the preferred option as it gives more time and space to the board and the organization to focus on more critical aspects Ease of employment handling is vital to the organization since if an aspect is not working for the organization, the contract can be, or the employees get fired. Improved efficiency and quality service delivery will be guaranteed if the organization focuses on outsourcing the services.  Subcontracting will mean the organization can expect higher returns on investment while at the same time lead to time management.




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