Assignment #3: Lottery ticket

What role does professional code of conduct play in the case of the store clerk?

Given the behavior exhibited by the store clerk in the situation, it can be said that he has displayed poor professional code of conduct. He intentionally lied to the lady about the condition of her winning lottery ticket, denying his possession of the ticket and giving alibis that he had already ripped it up and that the witnesses did not know what they are talking about, in order for him to bag the money and personally gain from it at the expense of his responsibility to the client. Much worse, he also persuaded the witnesses to lying by asking them to connive with him in exchange of a portion of the winnings.

Do the customers have an ethical duty to demonstrate personal codes of conduct?

Personally, I do not think that other customers are obliged or have the ethical duty to demonstrate personal code of conduct in this situation, given the fact the lady has made the decision to entrust her lotto ticket to the store clerk. It is as if she had complete trust over the clerk and it did not seem that the clerk tricked her in leaving the ticket with him. However, on an ethical perspective, customers who have knowledge of what was really happening may develop a sense of responsibility and urgency to tell the truth; so as not to compromise their own ideology of honesty. If I was one of the customers, I would definitely bring up the issue since I am bound by a strong code of conduct acquired from my military background. I would also be enraged if he offers me money to keep silent about the matter, as it is an insult that he thinks I would resort to that. I also commend the action of ex-cop, who told the woman about what was happening. The action of the retired guy is also very noble because he let down the money offered even though he is hurting for money. This is maybe due to the fact that he knew how hard it was to be poor and that he believed that people deserve to get what they deserve.

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