Assignment One – Case Study Analysis

Assignment One – Case Study Analysis

Details of task: Assignment One – Case Study Analysis

Jenni is a 10 year old girl who has lived most of her life in foster care since she was a young baby. Over the years she has experienced trauma. A foster carer who she was close to passed away unexpectedly when she was 7 years old. Jenni has been situated with a number of different families, but she is now living with a family permanently. The mother and father are caring people, but have noticed that although Jenni is enjoying her new home life, she is having trouble making friends at
the new school and says the girls are mean to her. Her teacher has noticed that Jenni has often been seen eating her lunch by herself in the library. Jenni is physically advanced for her age and often appears self-conscious about her appearance.

On many occasions Jenni does not want to attend school but she is unable to articulate why she does not want to go. Jenni has previously performed well at school, however over the past 6 months she has become withdrawn, tired and is more reluctant to engage at school and often fails to complete her homework.

Please consider this case in context of the following:

  1. Discuss the concerns for the client’s well-being.
  2. If the client’s issues are not addressed how might this impact on her future development?
    3. Choose and critically discuss a creative therapy and include other strategies that you believe may assist your client in counselling.

Note: All sections need to be underpinned by the relevant theory, literature and research and
adhere to APA referencing and style.
●   Make sure you relate your discussion directly to the case at hand.
●   Write this in an essay format, not as individual questions
●   You must use academic references throughout the essay. A combination of theory, research and
analysis will be required.
●   APA style needs to be consistent within the body of the essay and the reference list. (See below for information about APA style)
●   When using references they need to be relevant to the case.
●   The case study is brief so do not be too concerned about the specifics of the case, but instead
focus on the general concepts.
●   There is plenty of scope within each section for you to explore the issues creatively and focus
on your particular areas of interest.