Attributes of an Operation Manager

For an operation manager to establish an effective operation process in the organization, he/she needs to develop skilled strategies. Therefore, an operation manager possesses the following attributes. First, an operation manager should be able to portray an end-to-end understanding of the value added system for the organization (Rodgers, 2014). Precisely, it should be where value is added. The work of the operation team is to deliver products or services according to the customer’s requirements. The operations manager should clearly understand the client’s value, how the system meets the customer’s requirements and essential elements that should be managed. Second, an operation manager should focus on the quality of the products and services. They should commit to measurable performance and engage in continuous improvement (Rodgers, 2014). Apart from ensuring that the shipments are on schedule, the operations manager should actively research for opportunities to improve the cost, quality or the whole production process.

Third, an operation manager should be realistic (The University of Scranton Online, 2013). An effective operation manager should understand that employees are essential since they are the valuable resource in an organization and can ensure effective communication with the operation staffs. Leaders should provide thoughtful and constructive feedback, and empower the followers (Welch, n.d). Fourth, an operation manager should be able to motivate the team. Employees will only perform well after receiving motivation. Similarly, an effective and successful operations manager should know the significance of building a strong team and having positive relationships. Leaders should ensure healthy interactions among the followers (Goleman, n.d). The operation manager can achieve this through addressing the individual needs of the staff. Fifth, an operation manager should look for efficiency. They should make sure that the operation systems support the business’s strategy to function effectively. Besides, they are the masters and commanders when it comes to managing the input and output. They should ensure that the organization incur lower costs and increase the profit margin to compete in the market.



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