Aubrey Drake Graham

Aubrey Drake Graham is headed on a right path perusing his image of wanting to be remembered as an icon after his death. He was born in Ontario Canada and comes from a religious background with his mother being a white Canadian Jew, and his father, an African American Catholic. Growing up with a single mother since the age of five had its struggles, but it only made him stronger. Although he dropped out of high school in 2002, that was just the beginning of his journey into being a successful artist today. In Drake’s Hip Hop and R&b song “Gods Plan,” it is debatable on whether he intended to be a right person.


In the music video “Gods Plan,” Drake referred to it as “the most important thing he has done in his career.” By using his entire production budget, giving out nearly half a million dollars impacted many people lives. People of all races and backgrounds were funded based on their financial needs. For example, families in Miami were smart money to pay off tuition, cars, uniforms for school, and food. Since this wasone of his biggest successes to date, it debuted at number one for eight weeks since it was released. Although he is very successful, god plan is only the beginning of his journey to giving back.


The multi-Grammy-award-winning artist Aubrey Drake Graham, also known as “Drake,” is a singer, rapper, and songwriter that produce hip-hop and R&B music.  Combining both Hip-Hop and R&B into his music was one of Drakes many talents. Hip-Hop is a genre of music that emerged out of and began in the Bronx in New York. During the 1970s, Dj’s at parties combined short clips of music and moved the vinyl record decks with their hands to create beats.Since gang violence was an issue during this period, theseHip- Hop parties helped lessen violence and spread positive vibes among the people. “Rhythm and Blues,” or R&B is a mixture of both soulful singing and a backbeat that was created during the end of World War II. Both these genres are black-oriented, and originally made for African Americans, but listened to by all races today. “Gods Plan” is an example of both R&B and Hip-Hop combined to create the song.


An article stated that this music video proves that Drake “put his labels money where his mouth is.” That quote he said refers to as him doing what he says and not just talking for attention. This proves that his public persona is viewed positively, which gives him a good reputation from his audience, although people might believe that he intended to make him look good. Drake also appreciates his friends and family as a way to thank him for helping him become the man he is today. He isn’t afraid to publically mention his mum, and be referred to as a mammas boy. Even though he reached a high level in being famous, he never stopped appreciating the people that stood by him from the beginning. This tells us that he’s willing to sacrifice the money he makes just as a kind way of giving back, which gives off an inspirational public identity.

Drake had started developing the passion of acting when he was in Forest Hill CollegiateInstitute, where he began acting but didn’t reach graduation.”Drake was so passionate and eager to perform, at the age of about 15 years old one of his fathers whowas known to be an acting agent”(2014). He managed a chance to join the Canadian team drama series Degrassi, the act was known as “The Next Generation.” Here Drake represented acting career on Degrassi, in this acting, he performed the position of Jimmy Brooks who was also a well-known character on Degrassi. Jimmy Brooks was a basketball player but was shot by his classmate who made him disabled hence he could not act. His role on the show ended in 2009 after the producers found out that Drake was working on his music without their consent giving him the choice of picking between the two. He chose his music.



Beefs and feuds in the rap industry aren’t news to Drake, throughout his career drake has engaged in several disputes with different artists. Drake has been involved in beefs with the following artists; The first one is a well-known artist is known as Pusha T, He was the first rapper ever to diss Drake publicly. It was a surprise diss which shocked drake he claimed that he didn’t know why Push T struck him that much lyrically. But this didn’t take long before Drake replied to the dissed,at one of his concerts he dropped for him the rhyme “If you were doing 16s when I was 16 and your sh-t still flopped, and you switched teams, don’t talk to me my n-ga”. It a big dispute which is not yet settled up to now.  The other feud which trended everywhere in social media was between him and Tyga whereby Tyga said in an interview, “I don’t like Drake as a person. He’s just fake to me”. To reply on this drake went on liking many Tyga’sex-girlfriends on Instagram he dropped known as “6 God” in which he dissed Tyga in the last lines. The other amazing beef is between him and Ludacris, and this beef emerges because Ludacris had a perception that most of the rappers in the industry were using his style in music. It was not that hot until Drake added fuel to the started fire he was through an insulting statement, this statement made Ludacris go mad and dropped a harsh response in “Bada Boom” The other feud with Diddy where Drake had produced a version of the song that had been created by Puff. Puff was angry he even went and punched him up on stage, the punch caused aggravation of the previous injury. Drake engaged in several other beefs with artist such as Meek Mill, Chris Brown. Drakes relationship with Rihanna has not been constant; their relationship has been on and off for quite sometimes. They have been friends and rappers, in 2009 at one time on radio interview Rihanna claimed that she and Drake were just friends, coming 2010 drake admitted that he was genuinely dating Rihanna. Come 2018 the two broke up officially.


Drake’s song “God’s plan” reveals a different side of Drake. The official music video topped charts worldwide and generated a whopping $996,631.90, and nonetheless, this was given to families, schools, charities and more. Through the song, Drake talks about his future in the music industry and people not wanting the best for him. He nonetheless says that he wishes his brothers outlive and speak good of him. Drake also speaks of not wanting those outside his inner circle from joining it as he fears that they may have ulterior motives for doing so. This is clear when he sings, “It’s a lot of bad things… that they wishin’ on me…” Drake nonetheless would like to give back to the life he had and honors the people and the environment he was once in. He sings, “Without 40, Oli, there’d be no me, imagine if I never met the broskies”.  Drake also stated that he is still the same from Scarlett Road. The central theme of this song to Drake is God’s plan for him and how people insist on arousing bad emotions from him, yet he keeps calm. Although he says that he only loves his mother and his bed the song when analyzed in detail proves that Drake has priorities, is not into grudges, values charity and respects everyone that has had a hand in building him and his career.





Drake is one of the most celebrated artists in the rap industry, he has released many songs and has won a lot of awards, Drake is one of the best entertainers around the globe. Drake is determined to develop a good image in the society. This is evident from the lyrical construction of the song “God Plan.” He wants to leave a great history of legacy behind, despite some challenges like disputes in the rap industry. Drake has stated clearly that his music work is meant for young adults. The use of the fluent rap style which is also combined with the soft music as developed an R& B genre. Typically the fans of Drake who are mainly the young adults embrace this style of music. The other factor that has made drake capture a great range of audience is the 14.1 million followers on Twitter this is a significant number that has made Drake feel confident that his music works will always be embraced. Drake’s popularity is still spreading as he  increases his fan base



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