Autism: Lesson 12

The identified special-need category was autism, and the findings from disability resources available at the Parent Center Hub website were significant. The pages described the autism and its associated challenges as well as the guide to teenagers to be aware alongside understanding people with autism. The obtained information describe autism as a complex neurobehavioral condition including various impairments in the cognitive development of a person right from childhood such as repetitive behaviors and poor language development. Based on the spectrum of the symptoms the condition is known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The ASD involves a broad spectrum of skills, levels of impairment alongside symptoms associated with autism. This condition ranges in severity from handicap disability to devastating disabilities that may need institutional rehabilitation. Children with autism always have trouble in communication as well as understanding what other people feel and what they think. And, they fail to express themselves either through words, gestures, response to stimuli and facial expression.  The condition may result in great troubles when the affected child is compassionate. Sometimes the autistic child may be harmed by stimuli such as smells, touches or even sounds and sights that are considered as normal by non-autistics.

The symptoms of autism may occur during the first three years after birth. However, there are some rare cases where the etiology of the condition is at 18-36 months old. Autistic children may show repetitive characteristics and stereotyped body movements. Nevertheless, autistics can be cognitively impaired to some extent, and they can acquire some unusually developed skills such as creating music as well as memorizing facts. The autism affects adaptation of the affected children to their surroundings, making them show a hard time during parenting.

Autistic people are as a result of the change in structural as well as chemical differences in their brain. However, there is no conclusive evidence that chemical and structural imbalances lead to autism. In the website pages, genetics appeared as a factor. Hereditary autism risk genes are linked to a higher number of autistic people. Also, pollutants and toxins are associated with autism. Exposure to these factors during fetal growth and development may escalate the chances of developing autism spectrum disorder. Other pre-and post-birth events such as maternal illness, difficulties during birth, low birth weight and parent’s age during conception can also lead to autism.

Autism diagnosis always affects every member of the family in varied ways. Therefore, parents should put their main focus on how to assist their child with an autism spectrum disorder. Despite the marital stress alongside financial problems that may come from autism, the parent should remain determined and knowledgeable to manage their autistic child. Instead of investing much of resources to provide treatment and interventions, the parents should give a guide and awareness of autism to other children so that they can understand what the autistic child face, and help them cope with it.

In conclusion, autism requires special attention once diagnosed with the family. Extended family can also be involved to establish a network of assistance and understanding.  Since the needs of affected child complicate relationships among the family members specifically siblings. It is a form of disability that has a broader spectrumof disorders and needs good parenting for the survival of the affected child, and it is necessary to acknowledge the contributions of the child to the family by encouraging the family to work together.


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