Autism Spectrum Disorder Observation

Autism Spectrum Disorder Observation

Part 1

The objective of trying to find out whether everybody is somewhere on the autism spectrum led to the observation of two family members. This included my siblings yyyy and xxxx. The observation revealed various aspects of their communication, behavior, and social interaction. To begin with, yyy is 16 years old and is currently in high school. YYY has an obsession for video games. There are times when he will play video games for a long period if uninterrupted. He does not have any problem playing on his own. YYY also has the tendency of responding to social interactions, but rarely initiates them. The moment you bring up something he will contribute in various ways, but rarely will he be the source of these interactions. His prospect of sharing experiences and observations is also limited. He has the aptness of only being open to people that he feels close to. The proximity seems to give him more comfort and confidence.

XXX on the other hand, is nine years old. She has never shown interest in playing with dolls or other objects that children her age would be fond of. On occasions, she leaves the company of her friends the moment they start to play games that do not interest her. However, she is friendly and accommodative. She has a lot of friends with whom they spend a lot of time together. With her age, it is quite weird that she is very interested with house chores. There is no moment when you will find something out of place if she is in the room. She is generally very clean and neat. She has the inclination to arrange things in the house even when nobody else is taking interest. There are times when she ma

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