Ayn Rand’s Objectivist Person

Ayn Rand’s Objectivist Person

Ayn Rand’s objectivism morality principle is based on the basic fact that reality exists and since no amount of passionate wishing, desperation and hopeful pleading can alter facts or simply erase them (Rand, 2019). The principal idea behind the objectivist person is the fact that reality cannot be wished away, written or escaped but it can be handled boldly and solemnly (Rand, 1961). Unlike ethical principles which tend to circumnavigate reality, objectivism requires people to face reality, and deal with facts outrightly. This means that a person born in poverty can just wish it away but can elect to face it boldly and address it. This implies that rational people should not have conflict within themselves when it comes to facing reality. They should be in a position to deal with their problems boldly and turn them into reality.


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