Banner Health

Mission, Vision, Value Statements and Goals and Objectives

The organization mission statement is provided on its website as “Making health care easier, so life can be better.” This mission statement focuses on everyone in the organization to provide excellent patient care. Through this mission statement, the organization is committed to ensuring improvement in patient care to help them improve their health standards in the most economical way possible. On the other hand, the vision statement has not been added to its official website. However, from a report by the organization’s director, it can be urged that its vision is “to be a national leader recognized for clinical experience and innovation, preferred for a highly coordinated patient experience, and distinguished by the quality of our people.”

Like other organizations, Banner Health has values that it identifies with. The two key benefits that the organization recognizes is the value of diversity and the value of excellent. The organization is doing all it can to ensure that they offer diverse services to diverse people without favor or bias. Besides, what the organization does- providing patient care is done at the highest leave to achieve excellence. When it comes to goals and objectives, Banner Health primary goal is to be an industry leader by the year 2020. The organization is on course of achieving this goal since it has received national recognition due to its commitment to medical excellence.

Population served, location, and the number of employees

Banner Health is located in the united state with its headquarters based in Phoenix, Arizona. Being a health system, Banner Health operates 28 hospitals and many specialized facilities across Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming. Its flagship facility is located in Phoenix. All these locations are equipped with the qualified staff and developed infrastructure to help patients to receive top notch care. Banner Health caters for the needs of all patients with different medical conditions. However, the most served population is patients who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, patients suffering from heart conditions, orthopedic condition, cancers, pregnant women, and children pediatric conditions. In general, Banner health serves all patients with different health conditions who visit their facilities. Patients who have received treatment from the various facilities across the six States operated by Banner Health has expressed mix reactions with the majority confessing the services offered are of high standard.

As of 2017, the number of human resource working with Banner Health was reported to be more than 50,000 employees. This number makes the organization to be ranked as one of the country’s largest employers. As a matter of facts, Banner Health was recognized as the number one employer in the community it serves. The organization’s workforce encompasses valued doctors, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and other hospital staff. Doctors that work with Banner health include senior consultants, registrars, interns, and student doctors. All these employees contribute to patient care in one or the other. The success the organization has achieved had been highly attributed to the continued efforts by its employees.

A Nonprofit Organization

Banner Health is a private non-profit making organization that was established through a merger between Lutheran Health Systems, and Samaritan Health System in 1999. All through, it had been providing emergency and hospital care among other services. These additional services include hospice, home care, outpatient surgery, rehabilitation services, and pharmacies. Operating as a nonprofit organization, Banner Health is focused on providing health care services to the locals instead of generating profits. This aspect has made the organization to be loved by many people and who end up seeking their services throughout the year.

For ever dollar that Banner Health earns, the management of the organization reinvest it in various practices that are all aimed at making the patient care as effective as possible. The company has an extensive network of donors who work closely to ensure that hospitals beds are maintained, patient care services are expanded ever now and then and new technologies are adopted and implemented regularly. In essence, most of the money the organizations receives are directed at improving patient care in all the facilities and in paying salaries for its employees. Also worth noting is that through its Financial Assistant Program (FAP), over $153 million is directed to charity. Banner Health is also known for its approach of giving subsidies on their products and services for a hundred medical residents. Besides, a nonprofit organization, it has engaged in other charity works for a while now. The organization is well known for providing, essential, free services for kids in economically challenged regions. Some of these crucial,freeserviceshealthinformation.Registered nursesprovidethisservicethrough the organization’ call centers and designated health centers. Lastly, the organization has also been involved in offering help to the uninsuredorunder-insured. They achieve this by giving services to patients on asliding-feebasis.

Table of Organization



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