Barbados Education System

Barbados Education System

The main philosophy for Barbados education system is the principle that states for social, economic and political growth the human resource development is crucial. The systems should, therefore, emphasize on boosting knowledge and creativity among the children. The system must aim at boosting attitudes and skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, innovation, self-confidence as well as value for humanity.

The schools have adopted student-led analytics which is a technique that helps the students, institutions, and policymakers to understand learning outcomes better.  The technique uses data gathered during learning to improve teaching and learning (Ferguson). The main focus in the technique is helping the students to pass a test by assisting them to work on the feedback and set learning objectives. The learners have the opportunity of setting their goals and deciding on the learning analytics they prefer to use to achieve the set goals.

Barbados Schools implements learning with internal values which means that learning is from within and students are made to understand that learning has its foundation on their interests and needs (Ferguson). If the schools follow a national curriculum, they are expected to follow external values, but it does not mean that intrinsic values are neglected. The teachers incorporate the two in the system since knowledge, skills, and thinking are necessary for learning. The teaching method implemented by the schools has to integrate both the normative values as well as the internal values.

The humanistic knowledge building technique is used to help the learners have the experience that they require in order to complete various tasks that they will require to complete. The learning approach is central to the learner to be created in the activities that they engage in. The learning is centered at making the communities that the learne

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