Beating a female partner

Beating a female partner has often raised controversial issues regarding the punishment that should be placed to violent partner. Law governs the way people should legally address such conflicts. In most cases, this often occurs as a  result of mob attacks. On the contrary, it is crucial to report the matter and provide the required evidential fact n6tmo the law enforcers.

Killing the wife beater increases chances that people take the law in their own hands. Thus discouraging this habit of seeking justice. It is essential to follow the outlined procedures of the law when addressing violent acts. Making such an action discourages the ability of people from finding the truth. Besides, it creates panic in a society, where such domestic challenges are on the rise

Most of the instances of wife beating results from mental issues. Depression, stress, and exposure to trauma problems have contributed to significant cases of domestic violence. Therefore, I think there is much psychological work that such an individual requires instead of killing. Besides, most of the actions of violence linked to drug abuse and exposure to combat zones. Such individuals need more time for mental recovery than revenge for murder. Besides their wives or partners should similarly access mental health facilities to learn on the methods of addressing such mental problems.

However, some provisions in California defined that allowed victims that battered their male partners to file writ that challenged the conviction. It supported this move by quoting instances where the female partner needs to defend her life or the lives of the children. However, the process does not provide legal approval of battering. Therefore, it is not right to kill a wife beater should be avoided.

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