Being an American


Being an American can entail adhering to rules of the State and the societies. Such encompasses showing respect to neighbors and authority. For instance, it involves making good changes, being welcoming and being proud to the state. The law protects an American and granted the freedom saying anything. The paper contains the evaluation of issues of values and civics in the cultural, socio-economic and the social context, and which possesses the meaning of being an American.

Transformation of Culture, Economy, and the Social Aspects among Americans Since 1865

In the social sector, the aboriginal people in America have passed via several accounts of their origins which comprise of the relocation histories. The study of the artifacts, genetic structures, and bones by the archaeologists and anthropologists and have pieced together a narrative which claims Americans were once a new world[1]. As well, agriculture had a hand to the social change; the people were confined into small groups and carried out some subsistence farming to provide for them.

The culture of the Americans has been unique, and the Americans feel proud of it. Their culture looked different from the European one for they were not able to differentiate between the natural and the supernatural beliefs. Americans were bound together by the kinship wher

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