Bell Hooks Critical Analysis

Bell Hooks Critical Analysis

Hooks argument concerning her work was that this theory is a way in which individuals are made aware of the challenges and put on the front line to face up to social norms.  Hook utilised all these theories to free and intervene to help in understanding these incidences of life and circumstances when they occur. However, one should be able to link together their practices and experiences to be able to theorise.  Bell brings her childhood experience to explain her argument better. Evaluating this critical analysis, we see how these theories when put to practice has influenced the lives of the victims positively by healing their pains.

In the essay Theory as Liberatory Practice by bell hooks, she talks about feminist theory.  The theory does not only highlight the issue of feminism but also being black and female. On her journey to be sensible go others she seems to move further away from her life and others. According to Bell the best and effective method to level out things. By levelling things out, hooks did not mean having theoretical base only. Instead, she said that people should bear the issue at the back of their minds and apply the theory in their daily lives and live within the practice.

One of the most significant features of the theory is the capability to heal pains even from childhood.

Bell speaks about the writer miller who similarly had undergone child abuse in her early childhood. It seems that the aim of a bell giving a brief description of Miller’s experience was to illustrate what happens when one applies the theory to their daily lives and live by it. It becomes liberation. Later on, Miller wanted to advocate for abused children advocate. She aimed to defend and fight for the rights of abused children as a psychoanalyst similar to what she had experienced. As she grew up, Miller later came across the theories that ended up being a haven to her. Practising the approach Miller had to go back in time look through and see the pain she had experienced the vital information, questions that were unanswered until she came across the theory and with this eventually she was healed.

When experience becomes bound together with the theory, then nothing can stop one from healing. Words and thoughts can be compelling. Most times words and ideas heal pains that have wounded one for such a long time. As well, the society, religions, ethnic groups and culture attest to words being very useful when it comes to healing some pains. Bell did not choose one word that can heal; instead, she brought forward a theory that has turns out to be a refuge. Philosophy is ground to itself, and that is why bell does not fail to emphasise practice. For one to eliminate the gap between theory and practice, then the approach has to be of more use in changing the way one thinks.

Apart from Miller’s story Bell was also a victim of the same. Talks of other types of theories include feminist theory, queer theory and Black Nationalism theory which can be more than just arguments if put to practice. Being right in approach and not good in practices brings out the connection between practice and theory, which places theory preceding to practice. Feminist theory is not applied; it will only remain mere empty words hence cannot be considered liberatory or instead of any assistance to the women lives.

Feminist like Koyama Emi who brought about the transfeminist manifesto defined her title as transfeminism in different ways. She stated that it was a movement to liberate women. As well the campaign was an open forum to every folk who linked their freedom that of the women. Koyama said that the move was an opportunity for the women to stand up and defend each other. The manifesto also aimed to pass information and communicate the feminist theory having a trans philosophy entrenched in it that their manifesto focuses on the intersection of sexism and the oppression towards trans-identifying people, but it also fails to acknowledge how such issues intersect with other social justice issues.

The theory holds an important part when it comes to the inquiry. Terry Eagleton stated that the best theorists are children in her piece “Significance of Theory”. As well, Jones talks about how feminism theory for black women and their mentality has changed. The black women are encouraged to practice more on the approach and in turn, it seems to have helped so many of them. These theories pose the issues experienced by black women as necessary too. Through the liberatory women can heal; therefore feminism is like therapy. Most people think that the internet has brought about the evolution in feminism. It is certain that the internet has created a culture, in which sexism or misogyny can be called and challenged.

The custom has illustrated the influence when it comes to politics challenges posed based on sexism, which is shown in every advertising platform and the media. According to Munro, she talks of the custom that prohibits other gender or race from determining the rules that will be governing the women. Any incidences that may put the women to harm or to any blame regarding their choices or appearances was no longer an acknowledge practice. Customs have built the talks and most movements concerning judgment by appearance.

Culture has brought out the differences in people’s gender. However, religion in some places has offered weak voiceless and underestimates a platform to stand together for their rights.

Other groups formed like Black Lives Matter, and Idle gained their strengths and people to support them on their quest both o the media and internet as well as in their society so that they can stand up and fight racism and be able to get their human rights. Cooper also a feminist who was always ready to move to the direction the theory indicates on the explains where her grounding originated. Cooper says that she owes significantly to the teachings she received from the theories that indeed built her. She has turned speculation into an instrument for social inquiry and change. Feminist political approaches and examination inform the practice of feminist therapy, grounded in feminist scholarship on the psychology of women, men and gender identity.  It campaigns for gender unbiased and receptive strategies that place gender and power at the centre of the healing process.

These theories bring gender awareness, equality. The theories are a full package of therapy and are easy to be understood by anyone. Summing up, Bell’s thoughtfully posit that theory can heal. Additionally, Hook explains how she was able to bridge the gap between theory and practice allowing a healing space to be formed. Many individuals who work in different sectors but with one aim of making the theories are making a positive and long-lasting change on different levels of life. Similar to what hooks and other theorists have shown, these approaches can indeed change from only being words on paper to mediums of healing, change and liberation.